Friday, October 28, 2011

Princess Pets

 The Princess Pets
Did you ever notice that in most Princess cartoons, the princesses have pets?
From chameleons to mice!
So I guess our goldfish and hamsters fit as "Princess pets". ;-)

The pets, in their new location since we moved the piano.
I save a lot of boxes and toilet paper tubes to use for hamster houses and play areas.
Today when I was cleaning their bins, Rory got a "princess" box for her bedding area.
She loves kleenex boxes, so this works great for her.
Can you find Rory in the picture? ;-)

Cinderella, my messy hamster, has a Cheerio box...taken apart.
She also gets a bit of a sock, she loves that.
One of DH's old socks cuts into about 4 beds for her.
The way she ruins them one doesn't last too long, a week or two.
I wanted to get more pictures of her but she was spazzing a bit at the excitement of her bin all cleaned and changed around.

The Princesses...watching Wonderpets together.
Vivian is really into it now, even pretending to eat celery like they do on the show. ;)

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