Friday, October 14, 2011

A Pumpkin craft

After schoolwork today, we did a pumpkin craft. :)
As soon as we finished making them, the girls (being totally girly-girls) promptly put their arms through the loops of paper and said
"Look! Now we have Pumpkin Bracelets!" ;-)

Then Shiloh asked "Can we make Acorn Squash next?" lol

I found really cute scarecrows for them to make, so I think that will be our next project. :)

I also wanted to buy a "Snip It" book for Vivian.
Shiloh was about the same age when she did the book and she loved it.
Vivi also likes cutting with her safety scissors (though she's not very good yet) and wants it to be a part of her daily pre-school stuff.
I've found it at Target and Walmart and it was much more expensive than I remember it being when I got it for Shi, same exact book too. So I've been putting it off and looking for coupons or sales.
Tada! Walmart just had them on clearance!
Yay! :)

I got a beauty injury today. :(
I was feeling around in my makeup bag trying to find my comb, because I was going to trim Vivian's bangs and I sliced my finger on my eyeliner sharpener!
Ouch! It bled a lot too...ick!
Grossed Shiloh out pretty good.
I went to find a bandaid and all I could find were "Hello Kitty" ones.
We don't have many of those so I didn't want to waste one, so I had go upstairs and try not to drip on the carpet, to find a plain bandaid.

Why is it, You always injure your hand when you have a sinkful of dishes to do?
Thankfully, my Mom got me some nice rubber gloves so I can still get the job done.
I have a sweet hubby who will do them for me too, but he works hard enough as it is. :)
Gotta remember to move that sharpener before I injure myself again, too!
Thankfully it wasn't one of the girls, they are in my bag all the time!

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