Saturday, October 15, 2011

Scarecrow craft

I found ideas for this craft on several sites....and many variations too.
And of course, the girls added their own flair. :)
It took a lot of prep work on my part, but then I got to mostly sit back and let the girls do their thing.

Shiloh putting legs on her first Scarecrow man.
Vivian decorating her Scarecrow's hat.

Shiloh's finished Scarecrows. :)
Too cute. She did one without hair (notice that she gave him ears though) and I think he looks more like an Elf than a Scarecrow.
Hmm, maybe I can repeat this craft at Christmastime!
They also look a bit like the Scarecrow and Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. :)
Vivian's two Scarecrows.
They look a bit shocked. :)
She even put the detail of buttons on each one, and they both have various letters written on/near them. She is so proud to have learned her Full (uppercase/lowercase) Alphabet. :)

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