Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Schooling funnies

Shiloh is supposed to be learning rhyming words in her schoolwork.
It has been...hysterical!

"Shiloh, they want you to write a word that rhymes with rake. Can you think of a word that sounds like rake?"
"No...Um, lamb?" she replies, seeing her stuffed lamb sitting beside her.
"Lamb, and rake do not sound like each other. Hmm...let me think.
I go into the kitchen and...."
"No, Cook and Rake do not sound alike! I go and do 'what' to a pie?"
"Put apples in it?"
"Put apples in it?! PUT APPLES IN IT?! What?!" At that point I dissolved into hysterical laughter, complete with tears running down my face.
Then Shi pipes up "How about make?"
Ahahahaha! I think she's got it!!

...Or not.

One of today's rhyming words was "Cow".
"Shi, we need a word that rhymes with Cow, Can you think of a word?"
"No, we're not doing compound words now. They need a rhyming word, a word that sounds like cow."
"Cowboy! Cowgirl! What's the difference?"
"No, we need a word that sounds like Cow."

Then Vivi pipes up "MOOOOOOooooooooo! That sounds like a cow! That sounds like a cow, Shiloh!"

Hysterical! Hysterical! And they are so serious and have no clue why I am laughing so hard. :-D

Vivi tells me "I wish I could do Shiloh's schoolwork. That is fun!" Lol.

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