Friday, October 14, 2011

Some New product Reviews

Scrubbing Bubbles One-Step Toilet Cleaner

I was a bit skeptical at first, but I was looking for something to keep the toilet fresher.
I like that you just step on the little lever and it sprays cleaner around the bowl.
You do have to keep the lid closed though, the first time I used it I wanted to see it do its stuff and Shiloh was across the room and shouted
"It's getting my foot wet!" ;-)
It does not eliminate the scrubbing, but I find that the toilet is cleaner just because it is so easy to use.
I usually went "Oh, the toilet needs cleaning...I'll do that when I get a minute" and repeat and repeat because the cleaner was under the sink and out of sight = out of mind.
Plus you have to open the child-proof cap of the cleaner, squirt it around, wait 10 minutes (without anyone using the toilet...which is like impossible here!) and then scrub.

The only downfall really is the expense.
A $2-3 bottle of cleaner versus a roughly $8-10 pump & cleaner, and $4 for refills.
The refills are supposed to last 30 days if you use it twice a day.
I've found a lot of sales and coupons though which help with the cost a lot.

Shout Color Catcher
I love these!
I got a free sample, so I tossed some darker clothes in with my white load.
Usually that would make the whites, dingy. But this little paper (looks like a dryer sheet) soaked up the color.
The sheets came out pink and white clothes came out white. :)
I hate to do small loads of laundry so it's nice to have these color catchers to toss in when I don't quite have a full load of whites or darks.
I can toss some brown pants in with my lighter clothes to make a full load and they all come out clean and the same colors as when I put them in. 

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