Monday, October 03, 2011

Teacher Teacher

The Fall weather is starting, and it's been quite chilly on some days.
It finally pushed me to get out my winter clothes today.
The girls and DH have had their winter wardrobes for awhile but I kept forgetting to pull out mine.
After schoolwork, I brought the girls upstairs and they sat on my bed and watched PBS while I went through my clothes.
They rarely get to watch it so they were riveted to WordWorld and some other Word show.

I also put away some of my more summery decorations and brought out my Fall decor.
I'm happy to get everything decorated now.
It seems like I'm always so slow at getting them up that they only spend a couple weeks before I need to pull out the Christmas stuff instead.
...Or even worse, when I go to pull out my Christmas stuff, I find all my Fall decorations that I never put out. ;-)

I have four small acorn squash from the garden that I'm using for decorations.
The vines dried up so they weren't going to get any bigger.
Free decorations! :)

Schoolwork has been going well.
Shiloh's work has things that I wasn't expecting, like speed drills and frequent math and spelling tests, but she has been doing really well.
She does some simple mistakes that I think are just because of her young age, like writing certain numbers backwards sometimes.
But it's not that she can't do the addition or subtraction problem it's just that the "9" is written as a "P" instead.
It's so odd to me though that if we were in a different state, she would be considered too young for even Kindergarten based on her age and birthday.
She's just doing and learning so much. :)

She also loves to teach her sister...and Vivi loves it as well.
We do flashcards for Viv and Shi loves to do those with her, and some times I set them up on the Starfall website.
I asked Shiloh to do some of the Letters on there for Vivi and she folded her hands so seriously and asked me "Okay Mom, what Letter does she need help with? What Letters does she not know?" ;-)
Such a helper. :)

Vivi also likes to get her kicks as a teacher. She holds up color flashcards to everyone "What color dis? dats right! What color dis? i give u nudder chance...dats right! I good teacher!" :)

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