Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More Barbie knitting

A week since I blogged! Ugh!
It's too bad my fingers can't knit and type at the same time.
I tried eating and typing today and ended up with a lapful of fried I obviously not multi-talented in that way!

Anyways, just a photo update of what's been keeping my fingers busy.
The Barbie wardrobe so far...
(Sorry they are not modeled, Vivian reclaimed her Barbie and I couldn't find it.)
Clockwise from top: Three dresses, a pink skirt, two ponchos, and two stoles.
The solid pink dress also works as a long skirt (gotta love the flexibility of ribbing!)
Lol, just realized I put one of the dresses upside down!

I just found my old doll bed tonight so I am working on a blanket for that.
I think I'll need to find something to substitute for a mattress too.
Busy, busy...

I need to switch to sewing, a machine will go much faster than knitting.
Shi has asked me to make clothes for her and Vivi's tiny "Chelsea" and "Kelly" dolls too. (Barbie's younger sisters)
She thinks I'm an elf.

It doesn't help that I got the girls a Christmas song dvd that they watch a lot and now I keep singing "We are Santa's elves, filling Santa's shelves."
Ugh, it's in my head again!...

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wreck the Halls

I had to make an unexpected trip to Wal-Mart this week.
The girls were playing in their room and decided to wrap the curtains around themselves.
They totally bent the curtain rod...and no curtains would mean they'd be up even earlier than normal the next morning so off we went to the store.

My Mom said they must have been trying to dress like Scarlett O'Hara...
Or make that the Carol Burnett's version. :)

After our stop at Wal-Mart we decided to head over to Target...and saw that Petsmart had just opened up!
It actually was their very first day and it was fun.
All the employees and people shopping were so excited and cheerful. :)
It's much smaller than the Petsmart I'm used to, but it's still a very nice store.
I was shopping for bathing sand/dust for my hamsters.
I must have had five employees ask if they could help me, lol.
The first employee to approach us was a bubbly girl with a tongue piercing.
That was fascinating and distracting...what did you say? I was too busy watching that jewel flick all over your mouth. Does my tongue really move that much? Is that a blue jewel or a bruise from a piercing being removed?
Ahem! Focus!
She got me to the right aisle but then couldn't find the sand and didn't know if they had it.
So then I found it on the shelf myself and she thanked me because now if anyone else asks her, she'll know where it is. ;-)

Cinderella loves her bathing sand and bath.
(They sell hamster baths, but I just use a small jelly jar on its side).
I give them their bath jars for about 15 minutes each morning, then take them out so they don't soil up the baths.
Cinderella has been much less stinky since I started lining her bin with cardboard but now that she has a bath, she looks so fluffy. :)
Rory runs into the bath, and out of the bath, and into the bath, and out of the bath, and into the bath, and out of the bath....tracking sand everywhere. 
Then she eats the sand (which is okay).
Rory's fur is still a little punky looking so I'm pretty sure she hasn't used the bath when I'm not looking either, she just hasn't figured it out yet.

Shiloh has been a bit...mischievous lately.
Notice the pencil in her hair?
Something about the holidays makes kids crazy.
Maybe because their parents are so preoccupied?
I was teasing Shiloh after cleaning up another one of her mischief-resulting messes.
(like when she took a pen and purposefully drew on my countertops...totally out of character and frustrating!)
"Ugh, Shiloh. I might have to have to send you back.
Where did you come from?"
Shiloh replied "From God."
"Ohhh...alright, I'll keep you then."
I'll have to hold on that thought when they're jumping on my last nerve, to remember where they came from...

Most of the Barbie knitting patterns that I found online were quite old.
But I didn't really think anything of it, and I totally forgot the fact that newer Barbies have been completely remodeled...
Until I started knitting a pattern and found it wasn't going to fit on any of the girls' Barbies...not even close.
If the new Barbies could see the old clothes size...they would cry.
I even checked the gauge before I started, which I hate to do.
(Checking the gauge involves knitting a useless square to make sure that the size needles you're using and yarn type will make the right knitting. Too big or too small really messes up a garment)
There was no way the outfits were going to fit on these Barbies so I had to completely redo the pattern.
Add on stitches and hold them up to Barbie to see if it was a good size....not to mention adding length to the pattern.
If I'm going to knit for Barbie, then she's going to be decently covered.
Fun Fur is not fun to work with either.
At all.
But once I got the pattern figured out it went quite fast.
And the resulting dresses are quite cute I think. :)

Now to tackle another pattern...

Friday, November 18, 2011

November craziness

Today is my Dad's birthday (Happy Birthday, Dad!)
I keep meaning to write here but I've been so busy it's hard to find the time.
It's always crazy this time of year.
Baking, decorating, shopping.

Every time we go to the library now, they keep mentioning Story time.
It's getting a little annoying. I know they're probably low on attendance so they'd like more kids to be there, but for us to be there we have to leave the house before DH goes to work and then they were so disorganized it was hardly worth it.
We might be taking a break from the library anyways. The last time we were there, Vivian kept picking books that we actually own and I guess she had forgotten. ;-)

The shopping has already started to get crazy too.
Add to the crowds, finding that your milk jug is leaking just as you get the registers, and having your three year-old lose her boots twice while walking through the stores (I think her socks were too slippery or something).
She did serenade me with "The Farmer in the Dell" and "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" while I shopped though which made it much more enjoyable. :)

We put up our tree yesterday and did some decorating of the house. Then woke up to an unexpected couple of inches of snow!
The girls were quite excited. :)
Vivi keeps singing "Santa Claus is coming...tomorrow!" and Shiloh keeps looking at the calendar and asking what day it is and how many more days to go. lol
I am so not ready to count how many days to Christmas yet!
(Did you notice some stores and websites doing a countdown to Black Friday...weird!)

I have been really busy knitting. I've had two projects going at one time most of this month.
The girls keep asking for their balls of yarn and needles too. They've quickly become bored with attempts at actual knitting so Shiloh's yarn often turns into a leash for a stuffed pet...and tonight Vivi sat on the couch tossing her yarn ball with the needles saying "I makin' noodle soup. it hot. try some!"
Wow, it kept her busy for a long time though! ;-)

The girls have kept me busy mending too. It seems like I've had a non-stop flow of things needing a bit of sewing repair. I finally put away my sewing kit yesterday because we were cleaning up the living room to put up the tree.
I guess I need to find a place to leave it out permanently as the girls already have a princess costume in need of repair...and they are quite impatient to wear it again too. ;-)

We were doing some Thanksgiving crafts and talking about Thanksgiving today.
Some things that the girls are thankful for are...
Shiloh: I am happy to see snow.
           My Little Ponies
          My purse
         My Mom
         My Dad

Vivian: Lemonade!
           Christmas Trees

Gotta love them! :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

This is sewious...

I was woken up early this morning by the girls loudly singing the theme song to "The Wonderpets".
As I went into their room to tell them to quiet down, I heard Shiloh say "Feathers! Feathers everywhere! I'll throw some on you Vivian!"
To which Vivi replied "i trow on you, Shiwo!"

Ahem, I walk up to the bed Flyboat and Vivian hands me a tiny yellow wing, then hands me a stuffed Ming-Ming that is missing its wing.
Then she hands me a bit of stuffing, uh...make that the "feathers" that they were tossing all over their room.

There was a ton of stuffing in that tiny thing and it was now all over the girls and their bedding.
So I had to put the stuffing back into Ming-Ming and reattach her wing.
I seem to be getting a lot of experience in stuffed animal repairs. hmm.
It's hard being a Wonderpet.

Despite our bird-brained start to the day, the rest of it went smoothly.
I did laundry and found a whole bunch of pink plastic coins in the machine afterwards.
Oops, laundered money.

Vivian wrote all her letters. She likes to write them big and with flourish!
This is Shiloh's "Skunk book".
I think it's so funny when she asks to do this book next...but yes, it does have a skunk on it.
(For my sister) Look Heather, your favorite....syllables!! :)

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Decorating...Mama style

I love decorating my house.
My style...hmm.
I like to copy something that has caught my eye but do it even more using masking tape instead of glue.
Not only does it save time, which is big to me.
But also, it makes it easier to switch things up when I get bored of the style...which isn't all that long with me. ha!

I change things around the house all the time.
Thankfully DH has decided to embrace the constant fluidity of our decor and furniture.
He rarely complains, and when he does it is usually only because he tripped over the relocated couch in the dark.
He's good about noticing the changes and giving encouraging comments on them too. :)

We've been cleaning out our cupboards and closets.
I found this tea set (tray, teapot, cups) that was gifted to us.
It's never been really my style, but suddenly I noticed that the farm scene painted on the set, makes for really nice Autumn decor...add some flowers and Ta da!
Our new table centerpiece. :)

Then I found a set of four cloth napkins...another gift.
Now I have little kids, our days of using cloth napkins are quite a ways away...if they ever come!
But these napkins are in pretty fall colors and I have looked at several decorating tips using cloth napkins.
At first I thought about sewing them into decorations for the backs of the couches, which I still may do.
Then I noticed my living room window.
My big, bare, plain, living room window.
So neglected!

So I thought, maybe I can just drape these napkins over the top and not even have to sew them together at all.
Then they can still be napkins or couch toppers or whatever I want at a later date! Yay!

Ta da!
The blinds can open and close without knocking them down too.
SO easy! :)
Can't wait to see what DH thinks about them.

The girls are big fans of all of their Mama's decorating already. :)
It's nice to have a supportive family when you decide to take all the under-grown squash out of your garden, pile them into a wicker basket and set it on an end table and call it "decorating". lol
I often bounce ideas off the girls too when I get stumped, "Bow or no Bow?"
"Red flowers or do you like the yellow ones better?"
"Is this cute or too fussy?"
"Do you think your Father is going to trip on this?" ;-)

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Weekend pics

It's nice to start out my blog with a sweet picture. :)
The very friendly stray that has adopted my parents' house.
The way he scarfed up a bowl of spaghetti...I think he is aptly named after the cartoon cat! :)

We were gathered at my parents' to celebrate my sister's birthday.
I snapped this photo of the girls there. I thought it was cute that the girls still had to sit together when watching a show/movie. Just like at home. :)
That is "Baby Logan" in front.
The girls insist on adding "Baby" to his name every time they talk about him or call him.
Maybe that will change when their newest cousin is born in a couple months.
I'm sure Logan will soon appreciate them dropping the baby part too...especially since he'll likely soon tower over Vivian! ;-)

Some of Shiloh's writing work.
Her cursive is much improved! :)

Friday, November 04, 2011

Bluebirds of happiness

While Vivi napped this afternoon, I decided to do some knitting in our nice sunny porch.
Shiloh joined me, dressed in her Butterfly costume...of course.
Then she asked if she could knit too. :)
So I got her a little ball of pink yarn, some large needles, and showed her the basics.
She was so serious trying to figure it out!
I think barely five is a bit young to get all the coordination down but she tried.
She said she's going to make me a sweater and then make a sweater for Vivian.
She even wanted more yarn in different colors because she didn't want the sweaters to be just pink. :)
But by bedtime, she was using the yarn as a leash to lead her sister through the house so I'm not holding my breath that she's going to be a knitting prodigy... ;-)

We went to a Mall yesterday.
We rarely go to any Malls but it was nice to go and see the decorations and do some shopping before all the Christmas crowds fill the stores.

We were browsing in a housewares department when something caught my eye.
I rushed over and cradled them gently.
Checked the price and set them back down.
The housewares were next to the bathrooms, so on our next bathroom trip, I looked them over again, and yet again set them down and walked away.

Third bathroom trip (too much coffee drank by parents and little bladders of children add up to a lot of bathroom trips, lol)
My eyes wandered over to the enticing objects and I finally noticed a little sign hanging off the front of the table.
((Lights from heaven and angels singing))
The sign read:

"40% OFF"

The little blue birds could be mine, guilt-free! :)
I just love them!
All the little painted details!
DH is teasing me because I keep petting them. lol

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Library trip #2

We ventured out to the library yet again yesterday.
I didn't call ahead since I was already out driving around, but I was able to talk to the Librarian when we checked out and she explained what happened that caused the library to be evacuated and fire trucks brought in on Monday.
Apparently one of their ceiling lights blew, and when that happened it sparked and made an awful smell so they were concerned that it might have been an electrical fire.
I know the Energy-saver bulbs are supposed to be bad to breathe in if they break (I'm not sure what type the library had in their lights), so yet again I am glad we got there after the event.

The girls also rediscovered their own books at home and fell in love with those again. :)
They didn't even want to read the new books from the library last night, preferring their own. I'm glad because I'm not planning to make weekly trips to the library in the winter when we are buried under a foot or two of snow!
It's nice to know their own books will suffice. ;-)

(do you have any idea how many times I had to retype "library"? Ugh, the fingers are trippin' up here!)