Friday, November 04, 2011

Bluebirds of happiness

While Vivi napped this afternoon, I decided to do some knitting in our nice sunny porch.
Shiloh joined me, dressed in her Butterfly costume...of course.
Then she asked if she could knit too. :)
So I got her a little ball of pink yarn, some large needles, and showed her the basics.
She was so serious trying to figure it out!
I think barely five is a bit young to get all the coordination down but she tried.
She said she's going to make me a sweater and then make a sweater for Vivian.
She even wanted more yarn in different colors because she didn't want the sweaters to be just pink. :)
But by bedtime, she was using the yarn as a leash to lead her sister through the house so I'm not holding my breath that she's going to be a knitting prodigy... ;-)

We went to a Mall yesterday.
We rarely go to any Malls but it was nice to go and see the decorations and do some shopping before all the Christmas crowds fill the stores.

We were browsing in a housewares department when something caught my eye.
I rushed over and cradled them gently.
Checked the price and set them back down.
The housewares were next to the bathrooms, so on our next bathroom trip, I looked them over again, and yet again set them down and walked away.

Third bathroom trip (too much coffee drank by parents and little bladders of children add up to a lot of bathroom trips, lol)
My eyes wandered over to the enticing objects and I finally noticed a little sign hanging off the front of the table.
((Lights from heaven and angels singing))
The sign read:

"40% OFF"

The little blue birds could be mine, guilt-free! :)
I just love them!
All the little painted details!
DH is teasing me because I keep petting them. lol

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