Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Decorating...Mama style

I love decorating my house.
My style...hmm.
I like to copy something that has caught my eye but do it even more using masking tape instead of glue.
Not only does it save time, which is big to me.
But also, it makes it easier to switch things up when I get bored of the style...which isn't all that long with me. ha!

I change things around the house all the time.
Thankfully DH has decided to embrace the constant fluidity of our decor and furniture.
He rarely complains, and when he does it is usually only because he tripped over the relocated couch in the dark.
He's good about noticing the changes and giving encouraging comments on them too. :)

We've been cleaning out our cupboards and closets.
I found this tea set (tray, teapot, cups) that was gifted to us.
It's never been really my style, but suddenly I noticed that the farm scene painted on the set, makes for really nice Autumn decor...add some flowers and Ta da!
Our new table centerpiece. :)

Then I found a set of four cloth napkins...another gift.
Now I have little kids, our days of using cloth napkins are quite a ways away...if they ever come!
But these napkins are in pretty fall colors and I have looked at several decorating tips using cloth napkins.
At first I thought about sewing them into decorations for the backs of the couches, which I still may do.
Then I noticed my living room window.
My big, bare, plain, living room window.
So neglected!

So I thought, maybe I can just drape these napkins over the top and not even have to sew them together at all.
Then they can still be napkins or couch toppers or whatever I want at a later date! Yay!

Ta da!
The blinds can open and close without knocking them down too.
SO easy! :)
Can't wait to see what DH thinks about them.

The girls are big fans of all of their Mama's decorating already. :)
It's nice to have a supportive family when you decide to take all the under-grown squash out of your garden, pile them into a wicker basket and set it on an end table and call it "decorating". lol
I often bounce ideas off the girls too when I get stumped, "Bow or no Bow?"
"Red flowers or do you like the yellow ones better?"
"Is this cute or too fussy?"
"Do you think your Father is going to trip on this?" ;-)

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