Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Library trip #2

We ventured out to the library yet again yesterday.
I didn't call ahead since I was already out driving around, but I was able to talk to the Librarian when we checked out and she explained what happened that caused the library to be evacuated and fire trucks brought in on Monday.
Apparently one of their ceiling lights blew, and when that happened it sparked and made an awful smell so they were concerned that it might have been an electrical fire.
I know the Energy-saver bulbs are supposed to be bad to breathe in if they break (I'm not sure what type the library had in their lights), so yet again I am glad we got there after the event.

The girls also rediscovered their own books at home and fell in love with those again. :)
They didn't even want to read the new books from the library last night, preferring their own. I'm glad because I'm not planning to make weekly trips to the library in the winter when we are buried under a foot or two of snow!
It's nice to know their own books will suffice. ;-)

(do you have any idea how many times I had to retype "library"? Ugh, the fingers are trippin' up here!)

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