Wednesday, November 30, 2011

More Barbie knitting

A week since I blogged! Ugh!
It's too bad my fingers can't knit and type at the same time.
I tried eating and typing today and ended up with a lapful of fried I obviously not multi-talented in that way!

Anyways, just a photo update of what's been keeping my fingers busy.
The Barbie wardrobe so far...
(Sorry they are not modeled, Vivian reclaimed her Barbie and I couldn't find it.)
Clockwise from top: Three dresses, a pink skirt, two ponchos, and two stoles.
The solid pink dress also works as a long skirt (gotta love the flexibility of ribbing!)
Lol, just realized I put one of the dresses upside down!

I just found my old doll bed tonight so I am working on a blanket for that.
I think I'll need to find something to substitute for a mattress too.
Busy, busy...

I need to switch to sewing, a machine will go much faster than knitting.
Shi has asked me to make clothes for her and Vivi's tiny "Chelsea" and "Kelly" dolls too. (Barbie's younger sisters)
She thinks I'm an elf.

It doesn't help that I got the girls a Christmas song dvd that they watch a lot and now I keep singing "We are Santa's elves, filling Santa's shelves."
Ugh, it's in my head again!...

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Heather said...

bringing toys to good girls and boys.. oh we are Santa's elves! :)