Friday, November 18, 2011

November craziness

Today is my Dad's birthday (Happy Birthday, Dad!)
I keep meaning to write here but I've been so busy it's hard to find the time.
It's always crazy this time of year.
Baking, decorating, shopping.

Every time we go to the library now, they keep mentioning Story time.
It's getting a little annoying. I know they're probably low on attendance so they'd like more kids to be there, but for us to be there we have to leave the house before DH goes to work and then they were so disorganized it was hardly worth it.
We might be taking a break from the library anyways. The last time we were there, Vivian kept picking books that we actually own and I guess she had forgotten. ;-)

The shopping has already started to get crazy too.
Add to the crowds, finding that your milk jug is leaking just as you get the registers, and having your three year-old lose her boots twice while walking through the stores (I think her socks were too slippery or something).
She did serenade me with "The Farmer in the Dell" and "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" while I shopped though which made it much more enjoyable. :)

We put up our tree yesterday and did some decorating of the house. Then woke up to an unexpected couple of inches of snow!
The girls were quite excited. :)
Vivi keeps singing "Santa Claus is coming...tomorrow!" and Shiloh keeps looking at the calendar and asking what day it is and how many more days to go. lol
I am so not ready to count how many days to Christmas yet!
(Did you notice some stores and websites doing a countdown to Black Friday...weird!)

I have been really busy knitting. I've had two projects going at one time most of this month.
The girls keep asking for their balls of yarn and needles too. They've quickly become bored with attempts at actual knitting so Shiloh's yarn often turns into a leash for a stuffed pet...and tonight Vivi sat on the couch tossing her yarn ball with the needles saying "I makin' noodle soup. it hot. try some!"
Wow, it kept her busy for a long time though! ;-)

The girls have kept me busy mending too. It seems like I've had a non-stop flow of things needing a bit of sewing repair. I finally put away my sewing kit yesterday because we were cleaning up the living room to put up the tree.
I guess I need to find a place to leave it out permanently as the girls already have a princess costume in need of repair...and they are quite impatient to wear it again too. ;-)

We were doing some Thanksgiving crafts and talking about Thanksgiving today.
Some things that the girls are thankful for are...
Shiloh: I am happy to see snow.
           My Little Ponies
          My purse
         My Mom
         My Dad

Vivian: Lemonade!
           Christmas Trees

Gotta love them! :)

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