Monday, November 14, 2011

This is sewious...

I was woken up early this morning by the girls loudly singing the theme song to "The Wonderpets".
As I went into their room to tell them to quiet down, I heard Shiloh say "Feathers! Feathers everywhere! I'll throw some on you Vivian!"
To which Vivi replied "i trow on you, Shiwo!"

Ahem, I walk up to the bed Flyboat and Vivian hands me a tiny yellow wing, then hands me a stuffed Ming-Ming that is missing its wing.
Then she hands me a bit of stuffing, uh...make that the "feathers" that they were tossing all over their room.

There was a ton of stuffing in that tiny thing and it was now all over the girls and their bedding.
So I had to put the stuffing back into Ming-Ming and reattach her wing.
I seem to be getting a lot of experience in stuffed animal repairs. hmm.
It's hard being a Wonderpet.

Despite our bird-brained start to the day, the rest of it went smoothly.
I did laundry and found a whole bunch of pink plastic coins in the machine afterwards.
Oops, laundered money.

Vivian wrote all her letters. She likes to write them big and with flourish!
This is Shiloh's "Skunk book".
I think it's so funny when she asks to do this book next...but yes, it does have a skunk on it.
(For my sister) Look Heather, your favorite....syllables!! :)

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