Sunday, November 06, 2011

Weekend pics

It's nice to start out my blog with a sweet picture. :)
The very friendly stray that has adopted my parents' house.
The way he scarfed up a bowl of spaghetti...I think he is aptly named after the cartoon cat! :)

We were gathered at my parents' to celebrate my sister's birthday.
I snapped this photo of the girls there. I thought it was cute that the girls still had to sit together when watching a show/movie. Just like at home. :)
That is "Baby Logan" in front.
The girls insist on adding "Baby" to his name every time they talk about him or call him.
Maybe that will change when their newest cousin is born in a couple months.
I'm sure Logan will soon appreciate them dropping the baby part too...especially since he'll likely soon tower over Vivian! ;-)

Some of Shiloh's writing work.
Her cursive is much improved! :)

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