Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wreck the Halls

I had to make an unexpected trip to Wal-Mart this week.
The girls were playing in their room and decided to wrap the curtains around themselves.
They totally bent the curtain rod...and no curtains would mean they'd be up even earlier than normal the next morning so off we went to the store.

My Mom said they must have been trying to dress like Scarlett O'Hara...
Or make that the Carol Burnett's version. :)

After our stop at Wal-Mart we decided to head over to Target...and saw that Petsmart had just opened up!
It actually was their very first day and it was fun.
All the employees and people shopping were so excited and cheerful. :)
It's much smaller than the Petsmart I'm used to, but it's still a very nice store.
I was shopping for bathing sand/dust for my hamsters.
I must have had five employees ask if they could help me, lol.
The first employee to approach us was a bubbly girl with a tongue piercing.
That was fascinating and distracting...what did you say? I was too busy watching that jewel flick all over your mouth. Does my tongue really move that much? Is that a blue jewel or a bruise from a piercing being removed?
Ahem! Focus!
She got me to the right aisle but then couldn't find the sand and didn't know if they had it.
So then I found it on the shelf myself and she thanked me because now if anyone else asks her, she'll know where it is. ;-)

Cinderella loves her bathing sand and bath.
(They sell hamster baths, but I just use a small jelly jar on its side).
I give them their bath jars for about 15 minutes each morning, then take them out so they don't soil up the baths.
Cinderella has been much less stinky since I started lining her bin with cardboard but now that she has a bath, she looks so fluffy. :)
Rory runs into the bath, and out of the bath, and into the bath, and out of the bath, and into the bath, and out of the bath....tracking sand everywhere. 
Then she eats the sand (which is okay).
Rory's fur is still a little punky looking so I'm pretty sure she hasn't used the bath when I'm not looking either, she just hasn't figured it out yet.

Shiloh has been a bit...mischievous lately.
Notice the pencil in her hair?
Something about the holidays makes kids crazy.
Maybe because their parents are so preoccupied?
I was teasing Shiloh after cleaning up another one of her mischief-resulting messes.
(like when she took a pen and purposefully drew on my countertops...totally out of character and frustrating!)
"Ugh, Shiloh. I might have to have to send you back.
Where did you come from?"
Shiloh replied "From God."
"Ohhh...alright, I'll keep you then."
I'll have to hold on that thought when they're jumping on my last nerve, to remember where they came from...

Most of the Barbie knitting patterns that I found online were quite old.
But I didn't really think anything of it, and I totally forgot the fact that newer Barbies have been completely remodeled...
Until I started knitting a pattern and found it wasn't going to fit on any of the girls' Barbies...not even close.
If the new Barbies could see the old clothes size...they would cry.
I even checked the gauge before I started, which I hate to do.
(Checking the gauge involves knitting a useless square to make sure that the size needles you're using and yarn type will make the right knitting. Too big or too small really messes up a garment)
There was no way the outfits were going to fit on these Barbies so I had to completely redo the pattern.
Add on stitches and hold them up to Barbie to see if it was a good size....not to mention adding length to the pattern.
If I'm going to knit for Barbie, then she's going to be decently covered.
Fun Fur is not fun to work with either.
At all.
But once I got the pattern figured out it went quite fast.
And the resulting dresses are quite cute I think. :)

Now to tackle another pattern...

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