Monday, December 05, 2011

Batman and...

One effect of my injured finger is that I can't really knit until it heals but I can type...albeit two-fingered!
The first night was really hard to sleep, it was so sore and I was afraid that I would bump it.
It's healing well now but it's a balancing act of letting it get air (because my skin hates bandaids) and keeping it protected so it doesn't start bleeding again.

I am quickly growing tired of our power going out...however briefly!
It went out yesterday morning, but fortunately I was heading over to my parents' anyways.
Then it went out again today for over an hour!
What in the world?
When it came back on it was weird. Only the coffeepot came on at first and was very faintly lit, then eventually the power came on fully.
It such a pain because we have timers for a lot of things and then they all have to be reset...not to mention all the clocks.
Yesterday my parents' were talking about how many comments Dad gets that he looks like Robin Williams.
I didn't think there was a resemblance now that my Dad has grown a beard, but here is the side-by-side comparison! :)

Dad was supposed to make the same face as Robin Williams but he was cracking up too hard! lol

I gave Shiloh a little extra writing work today...some of her favorite things. :)


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