Friday, December 23, 2011

Countdown to Christmas

After I finished knitting for the girls, I decided to make myself a hat since I needed one.
I used leftover yarn from when I made Shiloh's sweater.
I wore it for the first time yesterday. :)
As soon as I finished the hat, I needed to sew up a hole in a stuffed Reindeer, while Vivian patted his head and reassured him that it would be okay.
She kept telling me "He's dis a baby, be bery careful 'kay cause he's dis a baby." :)

We did a little running around yesterday, but surprisingly the stores weren't really too bad.
Then we came back home and made cookies, and made cookies, and made more cookies!
I laid Vivian down for her nap, then Shiloh and I started with Cheesecake brownies.
She was in charge of stirring. :)
Then Spritz cookies. Vivian thinks Spritz is a funny, funny word. lol
The cookie press was such a pain.
I battled it for awhile, then DH battled it.
The plastic handle cut into your hand and then often popped off in the middle of pressing out a cookie!
In the end, it won the battle...but we won the war I guess as it is now in the bottom of the trash can!
I ended up hand-molding tiny candy canes from the dough instead, which came out pretty cute actually.
But I'm scratching those cookies off the list for next year, for sure!

I also made a triple batch of Peanut Butter Kiss cookies.
It was almost more than my mixer could handle or hold but we made it through without spattering peanut butter on the it's all good. :)
DH was watching a movie so I handed him a couple bags of Kisses and a bowl and he unwrapped all the candies for me.
(He's trust-worthy for this task since he doesn't care for chocolate. lol)
All those cookies though were even tempting for him. :)

Remember when our neighbor gave us the demon baby dolls last year?
Well, this is this year's doll! (scary music)
Press its tummy! I dare you!
Pay no attention to the gleaming white chompers!

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