Monday, December 19, 2011

Early morning shopping

Early this morning, DH woke me up with "Remember, you were going to go out early and do your grocery shopping?"
When I am all snuggled up toasty warm and deep in my comforters and blankets, it does not seem like the brilliant idea it was the night before.
Especially when it is all of 21 degrees outside.
I grabbed a piece of bread with peanut butter spread on it for breakfast, filled up my thermos with coffee and headed out the door.
It was much faster to shop so early and by myself though.
I had gone through my cupboards the night before, (which is a good idea for anyone, I mean they just might find out that their Worcestershire sauce expired in 2007...just saying) and had my shopping list ready.
I was even together enough to say "Merry Christmas!" first to several people. :)
Which is much nicer than my usual inattentive reply of "Uh? Oh yes, you too!"
"Where is your boot?! What's that in your hair? Watch out! That's why we don't dance in stores. There is enough room, you both can push the cart." ;)

When I got home the girls were up.
DH had gotten them ready for the day and Shiloh greeted me with a serious face.
"Look at my hair, Mom"
DH said "Vivi wanted me to do her hair, then she saw me do Shiloh's...Then Vivi told me I don't know how to do hair." lol

My Christmas cactus is blooming so prettily that I just had to share a picture. :)
The girls both had coloring puzzles in their schoolwork today.
Shiloh's consisted of coloring the spaces where the word has an "unk" sound, yellow, or an "oo" sound, pink and so on.
Vivian's page was coloring spaces with the letter "A", purple and the letter "C", orange and so on.
She was a little confused though and starting writing purple "A" on all the A spaces instead.
Then Vivi was writing some numbers and I started to erase a "2" that she had written so we could rewrite it properly and she stopped me.
"No Mom, the 2 is singing!" that's why he looks like that, of course! ;)

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