Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Fire fighting potholders

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. :)
We had a great one!
We even had just enough Christmas snow.
The girls loved everything (minus the scary baby dolls, lol).
I gave them my Barbie car that I had from when I was a kid. It's in perfect shape and they love it just as much as I ever did! :)
They also love their Princess tent (Thank you, Aunt Heather!)
Vivi was thrilled to get her own "Mr. Putter & Tabby" books.
She loves them and as many times as I've already read them to her, I'm pretty sure she'll have them memorized soon. lol
DH's Aunt bought Shiloh one of those potholder weaving kits.
So today we made potholders.
Shiloh's first potholder!

She let Vivi make one too, though Mama had to do all the work. ;-)
After helping make two potholders, my hands were aching!
Vivi has been carrying her potholder around the house. She told me
"Dis helps you have no fire in you house.
If I see fire, I dis shake it like dis and den der be no more fire."

Ohhh. Hmm...

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