Monday, December 12, 2011

Rubbermaid Reveal Mop Review

**Update 12/14 - We bought a second Reveal mop today using our replacement offer and this one does not work and DH was unable to get it to work either. Two Reveal mops in a row with problems?
Not okay with me.
It's having the same problem..the spray does not work.

As I mentioned earlier, I purchased the "Rubbermaid Reveal Mop" but then it wouldn't work.
I hadn't researched the mop before then, but now I did and found that most people either loved the mop...or the mop wouldn't work.
I tried the company's advice for fixing the problem before contacting them, but nothing helped.
The customer service was great.
Within two business days, I had an email reply and a replacement offer on its way. :)

This review is based on the original mop.
Once I knew we'd be able to replace the mop, I let DH take a crack at repairing it.
What could it hurt?
He got it working!
(His repair method might affect the spray performance...I'm not sure. See below.)

This is the mop...and the nemesis to my knees, the hardwood floor.
This is the microfiber pad. It's washable and reusable.
I love it!
I swept all my floors and mopped, and then along the edge of the pad was all this gray fuzz that it picked up.
I normally wash the kitchen floor by hand, but seeing all that extra fuzz that was caught made me feel like using this mop might even be cleaner.

This is the water bottle. You can see why they need to note "Do not use the bottle for drinking" lol.
You can fill it with whatever cleaner you like.
I prefer to simply use a little mild dish soap and water.
Fill the bottle and snap it in here.
The spray nozzle.
This was the part that was not working for us.
I guess it was sealed shut because DH shoved a small screwdriver in there and it started working.
This photo is to show the spray.
It's a bit more "stream" and a less "spray" than I expected and I don't know if that is due to our home repair or not.
I was spraying the cupboards, and rugs, and it had the added amusement factor.
I could chase them out of the kitchen with the mop! ;-)
The mop cleaned the floors well.
I had a streak on my floor. The path from the sink to the trash can seems to always boast of drips and smears, ick!
The mop cleaned it up and my knees feel great! :)

It was so fast too in comparison to hands and knees washing, plus the floors dried so quickly!
It always was a big ordeal to clean the kitchen floor, but the Reveal mop really did make it easier.

And Tada! I found they make a dusting pad too.
Hmm, maybe I could get two and wear them on my feet to sweep the floor.
That's me..always thinking!

In summary, this mop has made washing my hardwood floor much easier...which in turn means they'll be washed more and be cleaner.

I am still sticking to my Wondermop for my regular floors because I often bleach those floors and you can't use bleach with the Reveal mop. (spraying bleach?! eek!)

I just hope the Reveal mop holds up as well as my Libman Wondermop has!
I just noticed that my Libman needs a new mop head....I've had it since 2006!
I was trying to figure out how to take off the mop head and some big pieces of paint chipped off the pole base into my hand.
I found it's quite rusted and eroded underneath the paint (I had no clue!) so I think a new Wondermop may need find its way under my Christmas tree.
"Santa Baby, I want a mop and really that's not a lot..."

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