Sunday, December 18, 2011

'Tis the season for popsicle stick crafts

I made an apple crumb pie this past week.
The girls sat at the counter eating apple cores and watching me.
Then Vivi asked if she could lick the bowl.
She wanted the bowl that the apples had been in.
And boy, did she enjoy it! :)
I made some simple star ornaments for the tree.

Then it was the girls' craft time.
They carefully chose their popsicle sticks.
(That's a summer's worth of popsicle sticks there!)
Then we glued them and after the glue dried, the girls got busy painting.

The finished sled ornaments! They came out really cute. :)
The week ahead looks to be a little crazy.
Especially with some iffy weather in the forecast, I want to make sure I'm able to get my errands done.
I'm also trying to plan my cookie baking list and figure out which days I have available to actually bake them on.
We will be delivering them on certain days so I want them to be fresh too.

DH played games with the girls so I was able to get about half of my wrapping done this morning.
I finished up some rolls of wrapping paper, now I have some really long tubes for the hamsters to enjoy....either that or I can use them for a craft project.
They can make some amazing crafts.
But, speaking of hamsters...I've really gotta go clean their bins now. :)

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