Saturday, December 31, 2011

Who needs Hallmark? ;-)

Thanks Mom for my Lalaloopsy dolls! They look so cute on my window sill!
What do mean, you got them for the girls??
Vivian "why my loopsie doll up dere?"
"Um, she's fine. She's resting! Who wants a cookie?!" 
I guess Mama needs to shop for some for herself now. :)

The girls loved the ring pops they found in their stockings from Grama.
Shiloh's was pretty cool, red and white striped.

Shiloh drew a birthday card for her Daddy today.
Those aren't squashed bugs.
She drew lines around everything to show everything is glowing!
Glowing candles, glowing letters that read "From: Shiloh" and lots of glowing balloons.
She had to draw balloons since we couldn't pick up any for her Daddy yesterday. It was windy and bitter cold and I had my hands full with both girls walking across an ice covered parking lot.
Both girls kept slipping but somehow I managed to keep us all upright.
But add balloons to the mix and who knows what the end result would have been.

I am picturing the three of us flat on our backs in the parking lot, discounted Christmas decorations scattered around us and blowing in the wind and Daddy's precious balloons floating high up into the sky.
But...that's just a guess. lol
I'm sure Shiloh's balloons will make up for lack of helium-filled ones. :)

Then Shiloh went on to draw a birthday card for her Uncle Jon (who shares Daddy's birthday)...
And a card for her Great-Grandma (whose birthday is the 2nd).
I love how she made number candles to represent Great-Grandma's 89th birthday. :)

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