Saturday, December 03, 2011

Why none of Santa's reindeer are named Rover...

I took the girls to a Petsmart Grand opening. It was crowded but fun.
The girls liked watching some dogs get their pictures taken by a terrified
 young Santa whose beard kept falling off.
He kept casting nervous looks at the line of dogs waiting to see him, before yanking his white glove out of the snapping teeth of his current canine visitor.
The dogs were not any happier than many young children at the idea of sitting on a bearded strangers lap...and the dogs bite! (well, hopefully the kids don't anyways)
Poor, poor, Santa!

There were kittens there that the girls got to pet, including an adorable and feisty Siamese baby. Awww!
They also had quite a few giveaways but most were ones that I can't use, like a free year of dog grooming.

Hmm, unless I could convince them that Cinderella is actually a dwarf chihuahua?
Ooh, maybe then she could get her picture taken with Santa?! lol

We were just heading for the door when person dressed in a giant inflatable dog costume appeared.
It scared Vivian, she let out a whimper wanted me to pick her up immediately!
Shiloh couldn't understand it and was full of questions.
"Why is it a giant dog?"
"It's a costume, dear."
"Why is it so big?"
"Well, it's full of air."
"Why do they put a dog in there? A dog can't reach the top."
"There's not a dog in there, it's a person."
"And why is he dressed like a dog?"

After we got home I was warming up some pizza in the microwave.
It was making a lot of noise and Vivian giggled.
"That pizza is silly, it thinks it's popcorn!" lol

Then while I was getting the girls ready for their baths tonight, I cut my finger.
It was dumb but bled like crazy.
(Cut one of my other fingers earlier this I'm on a roll!)
I couldn't get it to stop bleeding so I finally just put a bandaid on tightly and grabbed
some rubber gloves so I could wash the girls before their water cooled.
Shiloh did a lot of it though and even helped with washing Vivi's hair. :)

Um, well then I lifted my hand to reach for something and blood just poured out of my glove.
I'm not exaggerating.
All over my clothes, towels, the tub.
Poor Vivian freaked. Sobbing.
Everything I touched looked like another scene from a Wes Craven film.
I'm trying to calm her down but I'm pretty sure that I'm white as a sheet...which probably canceled out any calming effect that my words might have held.
I got the girls out of the tub and drying off.
Vivian is keeping a wary eye on my hand and says she wants Dada to come home from work, poor baby.
The girls get dressed while I rummaged through my medicine box and found some liquid bandage.
So I applied a few layers of that and then put a regular bandaid over top.
I think that finally worked, now if I could just not bump it!

Poor Vivi, I just hope she doesn't have any nightmares!

BTW: I was planning on writing a review of my new mop "The Rubbermaid Reveal"!
Moved all my rugs, took pictures of my dirty floor so I could see how well the mop worked...and it doesn't. :-P
The mop is broken so I've written to the company and I'm waiting for a response.
Meanwhile, I had to wash my floors the old way...on my hands and knees! ugh!

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