Monday, January 30, 2012

RaNdOm MoNdAy

I don't usually venture out to the stores on a Sunday.
But (for reasons that made sense at the time) yesterday I did.
The stores were crowded so that meant a lot of standing in line and waiting for people to move so that you can grab your necessary groceries off the shelf.
The stores were mostly well-stocked though, which I don't always find when I shop later in the week.

Somewhere a long the way, Vivi lost a mitten.
She never noticed it until I pointed it out when we were in line at the cash register.
Then on our way back to the truck, she spotted it lying in the parking lot.
The mitten clip had been run over (which she was upset about) so I'll have to see what I can do about that...obviously it didn't work so well anyway at keeping her mitten attached.
But yay, we found her lost mitten!

I also found both fresh Strawberries AND Blueberries at the store so I came home and made waffles. This morning our breakfast looked like this! Yum!
(This is DH's plate, I made him wait to eat while I took the picture...and then every time he took a bite the girls would scold him for making it messy! ha!)

This morning I started making Beef Stew.
But take ME and one Crockpot and that equals a really SLOW cooker.
It took me an hour to an hour and a half to get everything peeled, chopped, browned, and seasoned before I even managed to turn the crockpot on.
It was all done in between helping Shiloh with her schoolwork, taking Vivi to the potty about a million times, and tripping.
A lot of tripping.
Tripping over kids, step stools, rugs.

Then I dropped a carrot on my foot.
It left this huge orange stain on my (formerly white) shoe.
It looks brown in the photo, but it's very orange.
It hurt too.
Bad carrot.
By the way, the girls are used to me taking weird photos for my blog.
Now, they'll bring me random things like a sock and ask me to take a picture.
Quite the photographer here.
Still life? Portraits? nah...totally random is my style! ;-)

The girls have been sleeping well in their new bed.
Shiloh wasn't phased at all and Vivi quickly adjusted.
Lately she's been sleeping through the night in her bed, though she usually falls asleep elsewhere and I put into bed later.
That is mostly because she takes a long nap during the day so she doesn't go to bed at the same time as Shiloh.

I went to check on her while she was napping this afternoon and I couldn't resist snapping this (random ;-) picture.
She's so adorable. :)
She's cuddling her favorite stuffed animal of the moment, "Baby Reindeer" a little stuffed reindeer we had with our Christmas decorations.
Needless to say, he never made in back in box when we put everything away.
He's been too busy napping and having a large role in Nativity reenactments, and even enduring a little "surgery".
I'm sure he has many more adventures too because it seems at least twice a day, a full house search is launched for him and you never know where he'll turn up.
Under the table? In between the couch cushions? Riding a pink rocking horse? Squished into a frilly purse?
Definitely a far cry from his Christmas bin days. :)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

A chain of hearts

We had our delivery of our bed and bedding this week. :)
The girls have enjoyed their new bed.
Vivi is having a little harder time adjusting but she has slept every night on the bed...she just hasn't slept through the night yet.
Notice how I've changed the changing table from the girls' babyhood into a handy bookshelf?
The girls love that they can find all their books now and reach them easily, and I love that it's still a useful item of furniture. :)

And Ta Da!
Our new bed! Yay!
It's supposed to be a brown finish, but it looks more like dark cherry to me.
It's a nice compromise for DH and I, as he wanted a brown finish and I preferred cherry.
The delivery men were very nice and even asked if they should remove their shoes, and I definitely couldn't beat the customer service...they were awesome!
I was also amazed that I got a lower price quote from our local furniture store than what I could get online...which comes without customer service, old mattress removal, and set-up!

Should I mention that I've already fallen out of this bed?
In the middle of the night I was getting up because one of the girls was fussing.
Needless to say, I'm not my most alert in the middle of the night.
My feet tangled in the sheets and I landed uncermoniously on my tush.
Um, it's a bit high so I'm thankful for carpeting...

 I was looking for a craft for the girls a came across a heart garland. 
I just simplified it to make it more kid-friendly.
But I think ours came out pretty good for just being pink and red construction paper and tape.
Vivi couldn't really do very much in this craft (I ended up putting little pieces of tape on her hands so she could hand them to me, and that alone kept her pretty entertained playing with it). 
But Shiloh quickly caught on how to make the hearts and link them and alternate the colors.
Then we had to decide where to hang our beautiful garland.
We love decorating our banister! :)
A fun craft for Shi, and the house is decorated for Valentine's!
If it lasts beyond the holiday, I think I'll hang it up in the girls room to make it a little "fancy" for them. :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!
Bye Year of the Rabbit...Hello, Year of the Dragon. :)

When DH called his family to wish them Happy New Year, he spoke with one of his nieces. She gave him all the traditional Chinese wishes for the New Year. "Happy New Year, Uncle. Good prosperity and Good luck in the New where's my red packet?"
Lol, she's not even four yet but she had the whole spiel down.

Some New Year's traditions that we try to do are having the house all cleaned before New Year's Eve.
Wearing Red...
We also went the Restaurant for a traditional Chinese New Year's Eve dinner.
I just hate that it's so late though, I ended up putting Shi to bed FOUR hours past her bed time.
She was a tad bit emotional by that time, as you can imagine.
I fed the girls before we left though...despite the fact that we were going to a "dinner".
Tired children is one thing. Tired and hungry children being asked to eat things like oysters and items that don't even have a name in English is an entirely different level.
They did good though.
Shi ate some duck and commented loudly on everything that she found gross or scary or anything she had an opinion on. (Gotta work on that!)
Vivi just took a bite or two then cuddled on my lap, tiredly rubbing her eyes and tugging on her ears.
She was up at 7am this morning though!

Then we went to the Hospital to cuddle this little guy....
My new nephew!
Isn't he precious? :)
Then we had a tasty lunch with my parents and shopped at Target.
Where we found Vivian these cute slippers.
Needless to say, it all wore the girls right out! ;-)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bed shopping

Winter finally arrived!

The girls love it!
Shoveling, building snowmen and making snow bricks and snow angels. :)
It was perfect snow for that.
Not great for sledding though but there's still plenty of winter left...

Then the temperatures dropped and the wind picked up so we turned to indoor activities like crafts, playdoh, baking and video games. :)

I've been doing a lot of online bed shopping.
It was harder than I thought because although some beds caught my eye...when I did further research on them, I found they didn't come in the size we wanted or had bad reviews.
There was one bed I was interested in because it came in quite a variety of colors and I really liked that option...until I read the fine print that said to keep the bed out of sunlight.
Uh, no thanks.

Then we finally decided to give the girls our bed and get a new bed ourselves.
It made more sense in the end. We knew the girls could manage to climb on our bed unlike many that we saw when I visited the furniture store.
But that meant I had to start researching all over again, a complete change of mindset between bed shopping for the girls and shopping for us.
I kind of go overboard with my research too.
I mean, I have notes of  the different available finishes and the dimensions which is fine. I also note the weight because I like to rearrange things a lot (I just moved my living room around tonight!
DH jokes that he wants to buy really heavy furniture so everything stays in one place...but really that just means I'll be hurting myself when I'm moving things, lol.)
But I also have noted that a certain bed is solids and veneer while another is replicated pine I have a lot of information even if I'm not sure what to do with it. ha!

I let the girls choose some cute penguin-patterned flannel sheets for Christmas, in the size to fit our bed so they will happy to finally get to use those. :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sleep like a Bug!

We had a bit of running around to do today.
Target and then grocery shopping.
Target had Hostess cupcakes on sale so I had to buy some.
I haven't had those in ages!!
I also found a 2pk of footed pajamas on clearance for $5.08!!!! (I'm not sure why Target prices them weirdly like that...but it's a great deal!)
They're size 4 so actually they will fit both girls. :)

While grocery shopping I noticed that Vivian was close to sitting on the yogurt cups (she was in the basket of the cart). I quickly moved them and said "Vivian, you've got to be careful in here. You can't sit on the yogurt!"
"Why I can't sit on the yogurt?"
"Because you'll squish it and get yogurt all over your tush!"
"How I gonna git yogurt on my tush? How it gonna come out?"
"Because you'll squish it out!"
"With my butt?"
"I gonna git yogurt on my tush?"
Then I notice a lady listening to us and giggling. lol
This is the type of conversation I always have with Vivian so sometimes I forget how amusing it is...well probably more so when you are not concerned that your child is going to pop yogurt all over herself and the groceries. ;-)

We came home and started doing schoolwork.
Shiloh is a hard one to get going when we start working so late in the day.
She was stuck in her math work on 7-4=
She said that the answer was 2. I told her it was wrong so she counted again and came up with 2 again.
"Mom! Mom, I got Two again. Seven take away four is two!
Are they trying to TRICK me?!?!"
Silly kid. :)

Then Vivi comes over to me and announces
"My cheek butts are all covered with red polka dots!"
"What? Why would they be covered with polka dots?"
"Because they got cold. When they get cold they get red polka dots!"
"Oh, okay...."

When we tucked Shiloh into bed tonight, Vivian climbed up to give her a kiss.
"Good night Shiloh! Sleep like a Bug!"

Lol, love it! :)

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Little Miss Muffin

Vivian has been singing
"Little Miss Muffin sat on sumthin...
Eating her curds and waaaaaaay...
Along came a spider and sit down a spider, and frighten Miss Muffin away."
She learned a cute little tune to sing it on Starfall...just hasn't got the words quite right yet. :)
She actually let me record her singing it tonight.