Sunday, January 15, 2012

Bed shopping

Winter finally arrived!

The girls love it!
Shoveling, building snowmen and making snow bricks and snow angels. :)
It was perfect snow for that.
Not great for sledding though but there's still plenty of winter left...

Then the temperatures dropped and the wind picked up so we turned to indoor activities like crafts, playdoh, baking and video games. :)

I've been doing a lot of online bed shopping.
It was harder than I thought because although some beds caught my eye...when I did further research on them, I found they didn't come in the size we wanted or had bad reviews.
There was one bed I was interested in because it came in quite a variety of colors and I really liked that option...until I read the fine print that said to keep the bed out of sunlight.
Uh, no thanks.

Then we finally decided to give the girls our bed and get a new bed ourselves.
It made more sense in the end. We knew the girls could manage to climb on our bed unlike many that we saw when I visited the furniture store.
But that meant I had to start researching all over again, a complete change of mindset between bed shopping for the girls and shopping for us.
I kind of go overboard with my research too.
I mean, I have notes of  the different available finishes and the dimensions which is fine. I also note the weight because I like to rearrange things a lot (I just moved my living room around tonight!
DH jokes that he wants to buy really heavy furniture so everything stays in one place...but really that just means I'll be hurting myself when I'm moving things, lol.)
But I also have noted that a certain bed is solids and veneer while another is replicated pine I have a lot of information even if I'm not sure what to do with it. ha!

I let the girls choose some cute penguin-patterned flannel sheets for Christmas, in the size to fit our bed so they will happy to finally get to use those. :)

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