Saturday, January 28, 2012

A chain of hearts

We had our delivery of our bed and bedding this week. :)
The girls have enjoyed their new bed.
Vivi is having a little harder time adjusting but she has slept every night on the bed...she just hasn't slept through the night yet.
Notice how I've changed the changing table from the girls' babyhood into a handy bookshelf?
The girls love that they can find all their books now and reach them easily, and I love that it's still a useful item of furniture. :)

And Ta Da!
Our new bed! Yay!
It's supposed to be a brown finish, but it looks more like dark cherry to me.
It's a nice compromise for DH and I, as he wanted a brown finish and I preferred cherry.
The delivery men were very nice and even asked if they should remove their shoes, and I definitely couldn't beat the customer service...they were awesome!
I was also amazed that I got a lower price quote from our local furniture store than what I could get online...which comes without customer service, old mattress removal, and set-up!

Should I mention that I've already fallen out of this bed?
In the middle of the night I was getting up because one of the girls was fussing.
Needless to say, I'm not my most alert in the middle of the night.
My feet tangled in the sheets and I landed uncermoniously on my tush.
Um, it's a bit high so I'm thankful for carpeting...

 I was looking for a craft for the girls a came across a heart garland. 
I just simplified it to make it more kid-friendly.
But I think ours came out pretty good for just being pink and red construction paper and tape.
Vivi couldn't really do very much in this craft (I ended up putting little pieces of tape on her hands so she could hand them to me, and that alone kept her pretty entertained playing with it). 
But Shiloh quickly caught on how to make the hearts and link them and alternate the colors.
Then we had to decide where to hang our beautiful garland.
We love decorating our banister! :)
A fun craft for Shi, and the house is decorated for Valentine's!
If it lasts beyond the holiday, I think I'll hang it up in the girls room to make it a little "fancy" for them. :)

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