Monday, January 23, 2012

Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year!
Bye Year of the Rabbit...Hello, Year of the Dragon. :)

When DH called his family to wish them Happy New Year, he spoke with one of his nieces. She gave him all the traditional Chinese wishes for the New Year. "Happy New Year, Uncle. Good prosperity and Good luck in the New where's my red packet?"
Lol, she's not even four yet but she had the whole spiel down.

Some New Year's traditions that we try to do are having the house all cleaned before New Year's Eve.
Wearing Red...
We also went the Restaurant for a traditional Chinese New Year's Eve dinner.
I just hate that it's so late though, I ended up putting Shi to bed FOUR hours past her bed time.
She was a tad bit emotional by that time, as you can imagine.
I fed the girls before we left though...despite the fact that we were going to a "dinner".
Tired children is one thing. Tired and hungry children being asked to eat things like oysters and items that don't even have a name in English is an entirely different level.
They did good though.
Shi ate some duck and commented loudly on everything that she found gross or scary or anything she had an opinion on. (Gotta work on that!)
Vivi just took a bite or two then cuddled on my lap, tiredly rubbing her eyes and tugging on her ears.
She was up at 7am this morning though!

Then we went to the Hospital to cuddle this little guy....
My new nephew!
Isn't he precious? :)
Then we had a tasty lunch with my parents and shopped at Target.
Where we found Vivian these cute slippers.
Needless to say, it all wore the girls right out! ;-)

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