Monday, January 30, 2012

RaNdOm MoNdAy

I don't usually venture out to the stores on a Sunday.
But (for reasons that made sense at the time) yesterday I did.
The stores were crowded so that meant a lot of standing in line and waiting for people to move so that you can grab your necessary groceries off the shelf.
The stores were mostly well-stocked though, which I don't always find when I shop later in the week.

Somewhere a long the way, Vivi lost a mitten.
She never noticed it until I pointed it out when we were in line at the cash register.
Then on our way back to the truck, she spotted it lying in the parking lot.
The mitten clip had been run over (which she was upset about) so I'll have to see what I can do about that...obviously it didn't work so well anyway at keeping her mitten attached.
But yay, we found her lost mitten!

I also found both fresh Strawberries AND Blueberries at the store so I came home and made waffles. This morning our breakfast looked like this! Yum!
(This is DH's plate, I made him wait to eat while I took the picture...and then every time he took a bite the girls would scold him for making it messy! ha!)

This morning I started making Beef Stew.
But take ME and one Crockpot and that equals a really SLOW cooker.
It took me an hour to an hour and a half to get everything peeled, chopped, browned, and seasoned before I even managed to turn the crockpot on.
It was all done in between helping Shiloh with her schoolwork, taking Vivi to the potty about a million times, and tripping.
A lot of tripping.
Tripping over kids, step stools, rugs.

Then I dropped a carrot on my foot.
It left this huge orange stain on my (formerly white) shoe.
It looks brown in the photo, but it's very orange.
It hurt too.
Bad carrot.
By the way, the girls are used to me taking weird photos for my blog.
Now, they'll bring me random things like a sock and ask me to take a picture.
Quite the photographer here.
Still life? Portraits? nah...totally random is my style! ;-)

The girls have been sleeping well in their new bed.
Shiloh wasn't phased at all and Vivi quickly adjusted.
Lately she's been sleeping through the night in her bed, though she usually falls asleep elsewhere and I put into bed later.
That is mostly because she takes a long nap during the day so she doesn't go to bed at the same time as Shiloh.

I went to check on her while she was napping this afternoon and I couldn't resist snapping this (random ;-) picture.
She's so adorable. :)
She's cuddling her favorite stuffed animal of the moment, "Baby Reindeer" a little stuffed reindeer we had with our Christmas decorations.
Needless to say, he never made in back in box when we put everything away.
He's been too busy napping and having a large role in Nativity reenactments, and even enduring a little "surgery".
I'm sure he has many more adventures too because it seems at least twice a day, a full house search is launched for him and you never know where he'll turn up.
Under the table? In between the couch cushions? Riding a pink rocking horse? Squished into a frilly purse?
Definitely a far cry from his Christmas bin days. :)

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