Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sleep like a Bug!

We had a bit of running around to do today.
Target and then grocery shopping.
Target had Hostess cupcakes on sale so I had to buy some.
I haven't had those in ages!!
I also found a 2pk of footed pajamas on clearance for $5.08!!!! (I'm not sure why Target prices them weirdly like that...but it's a great deal!)
They're size 4 so actually they will fit both girls. :)

While grocery shopping I noticed that Vivian was close to sitting on the yogurt cups (she was in the basket of the cart). I quickly moved them and said "Vivian, you've got to be careful in here. You can't sit on the yogurt!"
"Why I can't sit on the yogurt?"
"Because you'll squish it and get yogurt all over your tush!"
"How I gonna git yogurt on my tush? How it gonna come out?"
"Because you'll squish it out!"
"With my butt?"
"I gonna git yogurt on my tush?"
Then I notice a lady listening to us and giggling. lol
This is the type of conversation I always have with Vivian so sometimes I forget how amusing it is...well probably more so when you are not concerned that your child is going to pop yogurt all over herself and the groceries. ;-)

We came home and started doing schoolwork.
Shiloh is a hard one to get going when we start working so late in the day.
She was stuck in her math work on 7-4=
She said that the answer was 2. I told her it was wrong so she counted again and came up with 2 again.
"Mom! Mom, I got Two again. Seven take away four is two!
Are they trying to TRICK me?!?!"
Silly kid. :)

Then Vivi comes over to me and announces
"My cheek butts are all covered with red polka dots!"
"What? Why would they be covered with polka dots?"
"Because they got cold. When they get cold they get red polka dots!"
"Oh, okay...."

When we tucked Shiloh into bed tonight, Vivian climbed up to give her a kiss.
"Good night Shiloh! Sleep like a Bug!"

Lol, love it! :)

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