Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Grammar lesson

Last night during the girls bath, Shiloh was having a little trouble finding the correct word while playing with her bath toys.
"Watch out! The shark is going to Bite-ted you! Um...the shark is going to bit-ted you?"

So Homeschooling Mommy that I am, I promptly started a grammar lesson. :)

"The shark will bite me."
"The shark is biting me."
"The shark bit me."
"Watch out! The shark bites!"
"I have been bitten by the shark."

Vivian looked at me completely enthralled, "Is that the whole story, Mama?"
Shiloh clapped her hands, "Tell it again! Tell it again!"

Monday, February 20, 2012

Frenzied February

February is quite the hectic month for me, thus the lack of posting here!
Things are finally settling down..I hope!
Here is a brief recap of my February, so far.

I had Insurance papers to review...
I would NOT recommend reviewing paperwork just before bed, while watching "Wipeout".
It might cause you to have a dream where you are in a Wipeout challenge and whichever platform you land on is the type of Insurance you'll receive and if you fall into the water, you lose all your Insurance.
It would not be a restful me.

Taxes to file...
Well, errors with tax information that we received to have fixed first...then filing.
Then my browser suddenly froze up and had to be closed right in the middle of all my work.
But that didn't mess up my return.
That came later.
Oh well, it's fun to enter all that information and digits all over again, right?
Where's the Excedrin?

A vehicle to have Inspected....
Thankfully it passed inspection easily. But I must say there is nothing like being stuck in the small dirty waiting room of an auto repair shop for half an hour with an annoying 4 year old and her make you really appreciate your own children. :)

A couple of dentist appointments....
I canceled those.

Valentine's Day.
Chocolate! Yay! I might write a post on that next.
Valentines...not chocolate. Chocolate, I could write two or three posts about....

Shiloh is writing sentences using a few words that are given to her and also adding up double digits now.
I'm not entirely happy with her Math book though.
 Shi is bored with all the review and then other parts are not explained well or presented in a way to help her remember the facts.
I'm not sure if I want to switch curriculum for her Math next year or if this is just how 1st Grade finishes up and prepares for 2nd.
It seems like they just want to touch on a few of these facts instead of really teaching them because she'll learn it in September anyways.
Vivian is working on the sounds that letters make and putting them together to make words.
She also loves the educational games on

24 miles...
I walked 24 miles this month!
On my treadmill, while watching episodes of "Psych"...and "Man of the House" (I meant "Last Man Standing") and "The Chew" on my laptop.

But meanwhile I'm dreaming about "Seven Layer Bars" or "Magic Cookie Bars" as they are also known.
How many miles does it take to burn that off?
Do I even care?....

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Pre-Game prep

I wanted to make something to celebrate the Super Bowl tomorrow.
Especially since it's a Big Game...Giants versus Patriots!
So I made some little Football cookies.
Just a simple chocolate cookie with white icing...but so cute!
The girls hear the word "party" and they are excited.
I think they are expecting balloons and cake and ice cream and presents though. ;-)

The girls did a fun "Fairy Princess" craft after their schoolwork the other day.
I bought a bunch of craft kits and supplies when Joann's Fabrics had their big sale.
We're still doing the crafts! ;-)
All precut pieces so a simple glue stick was all that was needed (and a marker to draw the faces).
So easy that Vivi was able to do them with very little help. :)

So cute!