Saturday, February 04, 2012

Pre-Game prep

I wanted to make something to celebrate the Super Bowl tomorrow.
Especially since it's a Big Game...Giants versus Patriots!
So I made some little Football cookies.
Just a simple chocolate cookie with white icing...but so cute!
The girls hear the word "party" and they are excited.
I think they are expecting balloons and cake and ice cream and presents though. ;-)

The girls did a fun "Fairy Princess" craft after their schoolwork the other day.
I bought a bunch of craft kits and supplies when Joann's Fabrics had their big sale.
We're still doing the crafts! ;-)
All precut pieces so a simple glue stick was all that was needed (and a marker to draw the faces).
So easy that Vivi was able to do them with very little help. :)

So cute!

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