Friday, March 30, 2012

The Hairdresser

DH wanted to go to a Mall this week.
We haven't gone to a mall since...November?
I'm not really into Mall shopping since I had the girls. The big chain stores are just much more convenient and have better prices so it makes sense to me to stick with those.
They are also closer to home and with gas prices topping $4 a gallon it's much more economical.
But once or twice a year, I don't mind a Mall visit.
I noticed my hair was starting to get split ends so I was thinking about getting it cut.
I like going to Fantastic Sam's, but DH thought it would be easy to have it done at the Mall and unfortunately they don't have a Fantastic Sam's there.
They did have four other salons though.
Well, one had NO hairstylists employed at the moment though they were trying to find some.
I'm not sure how a salon stays in business long with NO stylists? probably not long...
So that left three salons to choose from.

I decided to go with one that was nearest to a little ride for the girls and the video game store that DH likes to browse.

There was one woman there cutting hair and a girl reading a magazine in one chair.
I signed in and sat down in the waiting area.
The girl puts down the magazine and asks what I need, so I told her and she said she could help me.
She has sunglasses resting atop bleached blonde curls.
Hmm, seems the obvious head accessory on an overcast day in your place of WORK.
She is open-mouthed chewing and smacking gum, and her shirt is too tight and her muffin-top is overflowing her jeans.
"No thank you."
That would be rude.
Well, politely rude.
Don't judge a book by its cover, right? Maybe she is a magician with shears?

Hairdresser girl is chatty.
I don't mind that, except somehow she gets talking about her awesome Prom and how she managed to cheat all her friends by overcharging them for the limousine ride so that she and her boyfriend didn't have to pay at all.
She is quite proud of this. :(
I am wondering how old she is that she still talking about her Prom...or rather her Prom(s).
Uh, she's 22.

I had to have her fix her work in the back and bring it to her attention that the sides were totally uneven.
And the end result is not what I wanted really, but not too bad...all things considered, it could be worse!
DH said he took the girls to the game store while they waited and Vivian said "Dada! You cannot shop here long because it is way past my nap time." lol
I may have to try that excuse! :)

Then we went to TJ Maxx's and I found this!
Beautiful napkins like I've been searching for! I'd like them to be a little bluer but that's a trivial thing.

Ta da!
I realize they are a little crooked in the picture and they need to be ironed. I just put them up so I could see how they look. :)

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The diagnosis is...

I had my Doctor appointment this week.
I was actually feeling so bad that day that I would have gone to Urgent Care if I didn't have the appointment already scheduled!
My ear was bothering me quite a bit so I was really getting nervous that it was an ear infection.

But the official diagnosis is that I have a sinus infection.
My ear has fluid in it but no infection at the moment.
So she said my ear either was infected and now it's clearing up....or else the sinus infection is irritating my ear.
I have three prescriptions including a strong antibiotic.
Unfortunately two out of the three medications have side-effects like nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.
So I am quite miserable after I take them. :-p
At least I only have five days of horse-pill antibiotics to take, I think those are the ones bothering me the most so hopefully I'll feel better overall once those are finished.
I used a heating pad on my ear/neck last night and that did help me to sleep a bit better so I think I'll try it again tonight.
It works nicely for me that the weather has cooled down a bit again, otherwise a heating pad would be  too hot to use.

My neck is still swollen and my throat/ear are still bothering me a bit but I'm not sure how long it will take for those things to improve.
The doctor also wants to see me next month to make sure I'm getting better...

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Warm weather

We couldn't have asked for better weather this March.
It's been record-breaking!

On a cooler day, I made paper boats for the girls Squinkies.
 You would not believe how much fun they had and how long they played...especially since they had so many Squinkies in the boats that one or two would keep falling out and require dramatic rescues.
We visited Grama and Granpa over the weekend.
Took a nice long walk, where we found pussy willows and even saw a Peacock!
We were resting in the shade afterwards and Garfield joined us.
The girls shared their pretzel sticks but apparently he is a finicky outdoor kitty.
Warm enough to blow bubbles too. Even though the air was a bit too humid and the bubbles wouldn't go very far or high.

I have a Dr. appt. coming up to check out my swollen lymph node.
It's been enlarged for nearly 4 weeks now, so it probably should be checked out.
I'll actually be seeing an NP but at least she is affiliated with the hospital that I want and could get me in fairly quickly.
Shiloh keeps asking me "Is today the day that you go to your Doctor's appointment and we miss you?" :)
Then she came flying in to the laundry room today because she heard me open the door to put the laundry out "Oh! I thought you left us and had your appointment today!"
Mama leaving them for any reason is a big deal!

I cleaned out Cinderella's bin last night.
Even though I had just cleaned it, I wanted to sanitize everything.
I gave Rory, Cinderella's flying saucer toy in addition to her own wheel and I think Rory forgot how to use it.
She flew off it quite a few times last night!

Shiloh has not really understood. I thought seeing Cinderella would help but she's still confused.
"If you put away Cinderella's bin then where is Cinderella going to stay?"
"But Rory died and is now alive, so when is Cinderella going to be alive again?"
At least she hasn't been too upset, just mostly confused.
Vivi simply said
"But I like her! She's so cute! I miss her!"
Vivi often helps me feed the pets and she fed Tomick (goldfish) this morning and she didn't mention Cinderella at all so it might be easier for a three year old to accept.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hamster funeral...

Well, I guess the title says it all.
Cinderella died last night. :(

Normally, I probably wouldn't have found out until sometime today since the Hamsters often sleep during the day anyways and only wake when I feed them or at night.
But last night I needed to clean their bins and Cinderella was in bad shape then.
She had been very hyperactive all day and now she was pretty much lifeless.
I hopped on Google and it came up with three possibilities for her behavior.
The first two, Heat stroke and Hibernation...But um, it's March. Not too hot and not too cold.

Number Three was a big Bingo though.
I started reading through Hamster Diabetes symptoms and that was it.
Her stinky pee and her waking often during the day.
Yesterday I noticed she had peed a lot more than normal, and she was very hyper....just to the point where I was thinking something was odd.
At least looking through treatment, we were already doing everything right.

I told the girls this morning and let them pet her.
And they got their little spades and helped me bury her.
They did really well.

We needed to go to Walmart today so I grabbed our mini pet carrier and we had a discussion in the truck about whether we wanted to get another hamster today or not.
The vote was...not right now.

I read online that if you get a diabetic hamster it's best not to get another hamster from the same store since it's genetic and makes it more likely that we might get another one with diabetes.
So that leaves us with Petsmart hamsters at the moment....and all they carry are boys.
The girls aren't thrilled with the idea of a boy so we'll see how it goes.

They were digging in the garden yesterday and found a worm and they wanted to bring it inside as a pet, so who knows we might even end up with something else entirely.
Though no worms, thank you.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Reading and Writing

Both girls recently had some work pages that were a bit hard...but they breezed through them!
Vivian finished up her Preschool book and kept asking to do a Kindergarten book that we had.
The first page was matching the ending sounds to the picture.

(btw: isn't that the cutest face ever? :)
She did great! Her only problem was that she didn't know what some of the pictures the top and the bat (which is funny looking anyways).
Then she asked to practice reading. (color me beaming! :)

Shiloh needed to create cursive...about Abraham Lincoln...using specific words.
She actually tends to come up with whole stories so I have to get her to cut it down to just simple sentences.
I told her that she only needed to use one of the spelling words/set of words per sentence because of the space issue of her large writing and the length of the words.
But she insisted on using all of the words and she did it!
Notice Baby Reindeer hanging out in the toy fish bowl behind her?
You never know where that deer will turn up. ;-)

I was cleaning up the kitchen this afternoon when I heard Shiloh giggling.
She was playing with Cinderella. :)

Plastic Canvas Baskets craft

Shiloh has enjoyed "sewing" lacing cards for quite some time now.
She's gotten very good at doing them so I thought it was about time to move onto something a little harder.

I picked up some plastic canvas at Walmart the other day.
They only had packs of 6 we'll be doing a lot of plastic canvas crafts in the future, I guess!
We came home and I started searching online for plastic canvas crafts for kids.
But I really didn't find anything.
Lots of plastic canvas crafts for adults to make for kids.
But nothing for kids to do themselves. :(
I wanted something easy enough for a five year old to do, but also cute enough that she'd want to make it.

Then I found these cute little baskets at
Not meant for kids to make but with a little modifying and simplifying...

This is basket I made for Vivian.
Vivian sewed for like a second, then said "I wanna eat my lunch, and you make it and I'll watch you."
Okay...a little too much for a three year old.
But then, she's not really into doing the lacing cards that much either.
She was impatient so that is why I only managed to decorate one side before I just decided to assemble it.
She instantly filled it up with Squinkies and has been carrying it everywhere. :)

Shiloh did all the sewing on hers.
Mama just did the finishing and assembly...and any assistance needed.
But Shi did really well!
Shiloh's finished basket!

So cute!

Our modified pattern.
Back & Front (make 2): 18 x 12 (holes, not inches)
Let kiddos pick the yarn and decorate at will.
Bottom: 16 x 18 (leave unworked...unless you like more work)
Handle and sides: 16 x 73
This looks like a "Breathe Right" strip.
A 12 x 16 square on each end connected by a two hole strip.
Let child decorate this piece as well.

My only problem was that my plastic needles wouldn't fit through the holes of the plastic canvas so I had to let Shiloh use a large blunted sewing needle, but that worked fine.

Makes a good Squinkie holder. :)

Monday, March 05, 2012


It's nap time for Vivian.
She skipped her nap yesterday because it was sunny enough to open up our front porch.
The girls laid out blankets and had a pretend picnic and they were having so much fun that I didn't  want to interrupt to put her to bed.
Then around five, she ate dinner, sat on the couch to watch a Barbie movie and fell fast asleep.
She was out!
She didn't wake up until around 1 a.m. when wanted me to change her into her pajamas, brush her teeth, and tuck her back in.
It took her a little while to fall back asleep but she did sleep until morning.
But...obviously she still needs her daily nap to keep to a decent bed time. :)

We ran errands this morning.
It's sunny but COLD and breezy out!
I needed to go to the bank and I was opting for the drive-thru but the girls begged to go inside for whatever reason.
So we went in and I grabbed a couple of lollipops for them on our way out.
While I was buckling the girls back into their carseats Vivi says "Thank you! That was so fun!"
Then they had a big discussion between themselves of how they had gotten lollipops because they were so good in the bank, and how the bank tellers would not give lollipops to kids who were behaving badly in the bank. ;-D
Then we went grocery shopping.
Shopping with two kids happily enjoying their lollipops is pretty easy!
They watched a "Wallace and Gromit" movie once we got home.
So mesmerizing...

I was so excited to see packages stuffed in my mailbox today.
Birthday presents!!!

I also keep forgetting to put this photo up.
Our rearranged living room.
A lot of room for the girls to play.
So picture it with a huge pink tent in the middle and you get the idea of what it currently looks like.
I'm thinking of getting/making some blue napkins window treatments to put over the blinds.
Since what I have up now is just what I had on hand and more suited for Fall.
The girls and I saw a pretty bodypillow cover at Target last week. It had the nice bit of blue that I like for the living room...but the background was gray.
So I held it up in front of a dark brown pillow to compare colors and it just wouldn't go with our current colors.
Shiloh and I had a good discussion about it though.
It's fun to have daughters and be able to talk about decorating things with someone who isn't bored with discussing colors
Plus it saves me from being the crazy lady in the aisle holding armfuls of fabric and pillows, muttering to myself.
Well, at least it saves me from the muttering to myself part....

Friday, March 02, 2012

In like a Lion...

It's been a busy week!
We had a snowstorm in our forecast, so I made a meat pie in case we couldn't go out to a restaurant for my birthday....and also because I wanted meat pie.:)
The girls have been eating it pretty good.
Of course, they've mostly been eating off my plate, but still they're eating it!
I also had made some gingerbread because I had this weird craving for it...even though I don't really care for gingerbread, and the girls have been eating that up too!

DH bought me this cute little rose.
It smells sooo lovely.
It's like a little bit of Summer. :)
He also bought me a delicious birthday cake. yum!
I'm SIX!
At least according to my daughter...
Notice the little tiny "Sebastian" squinkie?
Miss Vivian likes to take very random things to bed with an old cellphone.
Or one of the potholders that she and her sister made or her fancy gold dress shoes.
The worst though, has to be this squinkie!
Being woken at 2am to rummage through the sheets and find this micro-sized crab so my three year old can fall back to sleep.
She complained "He won't stay in my hand! *sob*"
(Me: She won't let me sleep....*sob*!)

Then our snow storm came.
DH ended up needing the clear the driveway twice.
Well, that's our driveway and sidewalk and our 90 year old neighbor's driveway and sidewalk.
A lot of snow to clear!
It was so nice that he had the day off. We had a lot of fun playing with the girls in the snow.
We wore Vivian out, she took a long nap afterwards...
Every time I took her down our little hill on the sled, when we got to the bottom she'd say "Thank you, that was fun!"
Every. time.
SOO cute. :)