Friday, March 30, 2012

The Hairdresser

DH wanted to go to a Mall this week.
We haven't gone to a mall since...November?
I'm not really into Mall shopping since I had the girls. The big chain stores are just much more convenient and have better prices so it makes sense to me to stick with those.
They are also closer to home and with gas prices topping $4 a gallon it's much more economical.
But once or twice a year, I don't mind a Mall visit.
I noticed my hair was starting to get split ends so I was thinking about getting it cut.
I like going to Fantastic Sam's, but DH thought it would be easy to have it done at the Mall and unfortunately they don't have a Fantastic Sam's there.
They did have four other salons though.
Well, one had NO hairstylists employed at the moment though they were trying to find some.
I'm not sure how a salon stays in business long with NO stylists? probably not long...
So that left three salons to choose from.

I decided to go with one that was nearest to a little ride for the girls and the video game store that DH likes to browse.

There was one woman there cutting hair and a girl reading a magazine in one chair.
I signed in and sat down in the waiting area.
The girl puts down the magazine and asks what I need, so I told her and she said she could help me.
She has sunglasses resting atop bleached blonde curls.
Hmm, seems the obvious head accessory on an overcast day in your place of WORK.
She is open-mouthed chewing and smacking gum, and her shirt is too tight and her muffin-top is overflowing her jeans.
"No thank you."
That would be rude.
Well, politely rude.
Don't judge a book by its cover, right? Maybe she is a magician with shears?

Hairdresser girl is chatty.
I don't mind that, except somehow she gets talking about her awesome Prom and how she managed to cheat all her friends by overcharging them for the limousine ride so that she and her boyfriend didn't have to pay at all.
She is quite proud of this. :(
I am wondering how old she is that she still talking about her Prom...or rather her Prom(s).
Uh, she's 22.

I had to have her fix her work in the back and bring it to her attention that the sides were totally uneven.
And the end result is not what I wanted really, but not too bad...all things considered, it could be worse!
DH said he took the girls to the game store while they waited and Vivian said "Dada! You cannot shop here long because it is way past my nap time." lol
I may have to try that excuse! :)

Then we went to TJ Maxx's and I found this!
Beautiful napkins like I've been searching for! I'd like them to be a little bluer but that's a trivial thing.

Ta da!
I realize they are a little crooked in the picture and they need to be ironed. I just put them up so I could see how they look. :)

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