Friday, March 02, 2012

In like a Lion...

It's been a busy week!
We had a snowstorm in our forecast, so I made a meat pie in case we couldn't go out to a restaurant for my birthday....and also because I wanted meat pie.:)
The girls have been eating it pretty good.
Of course, they've mostly been eating off my plate, but still they're eating it!
I also had made some gingerbread because I had this weird craving for it...even though I don't really care for gingerbread, and the girls have been eating that up too!

DH bought me this cute little rose.
It smells sooo lovely.
It's like a little bit of Summer. :)
He also bought me a delicious birthday cake. yum!
I'm SIX!
At least according to my daughter...
Notice the little tiny "Sebastian" squinkie?
Miss Vivian likes to take very random things to bed with an old cellphone.
Or one of the potholders that she and her sister made or her fancy gold dress shoes.
The worst though, has to be this squinkie!
Being woken at 2am to rummage through the sheets and find this micro-sized crab so my three year old can fall back to sleep.
She complained "He won't stay in my hand! *sob*"
(Me: She won't let me sleep....*sob*!)

Then our snow storm came.
DH ended up needing the clear the driveway twice.
Well, that's our driveway and sidewalk and our 90 year old neighbor's driveway and sidewalk.
A lot of snow to clear!
It was so nice that he had the day off. We had a lot of fun playing with the girls in the snow.
We wore Vivian out, she took a long nap afterwards...
Every time I took her down our little hill on the sled, when we got to the bottom she'd say "Thank you, that was fun!"
Every. time.
SOO cute. :)

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