Monday, March 05, 2012


It's nap time for Vivian.
She skipped her nap yesterday because it was sunny enough to open up our front porch.
The girls laid out blankets and had a pretend picnic and they were having so much fun that I didn't  want to interrupt to put her to bed.
Then around five, she ate dinner, sat on the couch to watch a Barbie movie and fell fast asleep.
She was out!
She didn't wake up until around 1 a.m. when wanted me to change her into her pajamas, brush her teeth, and tuck her back in.
It took her a little while to fall back asleep but she did sleep until morning.
But...obviously she still needs her daily nap to keep to a decent bed time. :)

We ran errands this morning.
It's sunny but COLD and breezy out!
I needed to go to the bank and I was opting for the drive-thru but the girls begged to go inside for whatever reason.
So we went in and I grabbed a couple of lollipops for them on our way out.
While I was buckling the girls back into their carseats Vivi says "Thank you! That was so fun!"
Then they had a big discussion between themselves of how they had gotten lollipops because they were so good in the bank, and how the bank tellers would not give lollipops to kids who were behaving badly in the bank. ;-D
Then we went grocery shopping.
Shopping with two kids happily enjoying their lollipops is pretty easy!
They watched a "Wallace and Gromit" movie once we got home.
So mesmerizing...

I was so excited to see packages stuffed in my mailbox today.
Birthday presents!!!

I also keep forgetting to put this photo up.
Our rearranged living room.
A lot of room for the girls to play.
So picture it with a huge pink tent in the middle and you get the idea of what it currently looks like.
I'm thinking of getting/making some blue napkins window treatments to put over the blinds.
Since what I have up now is just what I had on hand and more suited for Fall.
The girls and I saw a pretty bodypillow cover at Target last week. It had the nice bit of blue that I like for the living room...but the background was gray.
So I held it up in front of a dark brown pillow to compare colors and it just wouldn't go with our current colors.
Shiloh and I had a good discussion about it though.
It's fun to have daughters and be able to talk about decorating things with someone who isn't bored with discussing colors
Plus it saves me from being the crazy lady in the aisle holding armfuls of fabric and pillows, muttering to myself.
Well, at least it saves me from the muttering to myself part....

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