Saturday, March 10, 2012

Plastic Canvas Baskets craft

Shiloh has enjoyed "sewing" lacing cards for quite some time now.
She's gotten very good at doing them so I thought it was about time to move onto something a little harder.

I picked up some plastic canvas at Walmart the other day.
They only had packs of 6 we'll be doing a lot of plastic canvas crafts in the future, I guess!
We came home and I started searching online for plastic canvas crafts for kids.
But I really didn't find anything.
Lots of plastic canvas crafts for adults to make for kids.
But nothing for kids to do themselves. :(
I wanted something easy enough for a five year old to do, but also cute enough that she'd want to make it.

Then I found these cute little baskets at
Not meant for kids to make but with a little modifying and simplifying...

This is basket I made for Vivian.
Vivian sewed for like a second, then said "I wanna eat my lunch, and you make it and I'll watch you."
Okay...a little too much for a three year old.
But then, she's not really into doing the lacing cards that much either.
She was impatient so that is why I only managed to decorate one side before I just decided to assemble it.
She instantly filled it up with Squinkies and has been carrying it everywhere. :)

Shiloh did all the sewing on hers.
Mama just did the finishing and assembly...and any assistance needed.
But Shi did really well!
Shiloh's finished basket!

So cute!

Our modified pattern.
Back & Front (make 2): 18 x 12 (holes, not inches)
Let kiddos pick the yarn and decorate at will.
Bottom: 16 x 18 (leave unworked...unless you like more work)
Handle and sides: 16 x 73
This looks like a "Breathe Right" strip.
A 12 x 16 square on each end connected by a two hole strip.
Let child decorate this piece as well.

My only problem was that my plastic needles wouldn't fit through the holes of the plastic canvas so I had to let Shiloh use a large blunted sewing needle, but that worked fine.

Makes a good Squinkie holder. :)

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