Saturday, March 10, 2012

Reading and Writing

Both girls recently had some work pages that were a bit hard...but they breezed through them!
Vivian finished up her Preschool book and kept asking to do a Kindergarten book that we had.
The first page was matching the ending sounds to the picture.

(btw: isn't that the cutest face ever? :)
She did great! Her only problem was that she didn't know what some of the pictures the top and the bat (which is funny looking anyways).
Then she asked to practice reading. (color me beaming! :)

Shiloh needed to create cursive...about Abraham Lincoln...using specific words.
She actually tends to come up with whole stories so I have to get her to cut it down to just simple sentences.
I told her that she only needed to use one of the spelling words/set of words per sentence because of the space issue of her large writing and the length of the words.
But she insisted on using all of the words and she did it!
Notice Baby Reindeer hanging out in the toy fish bowl behind her?
You never know where that deer will turn up. ;-)

I was cleaning up the kitchen this afternoon when I heard Shiloh giggling.
She was playing with Cinderella. :)

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