Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Warm weather

We couldn't have asked for better weather this March.
It's been record-breaking!

On a cooler day, I made paper boats for the girls Squinkies.
 You would not believe how much fun they had and how long they played...especially since they had so many Squinkies in the boats that one or two would keep falling out and require dramatic rescues.
We visited Grama and Granpa over the weekend.
Took a nice long walk, where we found pussy willows and even saw a Peacock!
We were resting in the shade afterwards and Garfield joined us.
The girls shared their pretzel sticks but apparently he is a finicky outdoor kitty.
Warm enough to blow bubbles too. Even though the air was a bit too humid and the bubbles wouldn't go very far or high.

I have a Dr. appt. coming up to check out my swollen lymph node.
It's been enlarged for nearly 4 weeks now, so it probably should be checked out.
I'll actually be seeing an NP but at least she is affiliated with the hospital that I want and could get me in fairly quickly.
Shiloh keeps asking me "Is today the day that you go to your Doctor's appointment and we miss you?" :)
Then she came flying in to the laundry room today because she heard me open the door to put the laundry out "Oh! I thought you left us and had your appointment today!"
Mama leaving them for any reason is a big deal!

I cleaned out Cinderella's bin last night.
Even though I had just cleaned it, I wanted to sanitize everything.
I gave Rory, Cinderella's flying saucer toy in addition to her own wheel and I think Rory forgot how to use it.
She flew off it quite a few times last night!

Shiloh has not really understood. I thought seeing Cinderella would help but she's still confused.
"If you put away Cinderella's bin then where is Cinderella going to stay?"
"But Rory died and is now alive, so when is Cinderella going to be alive again?"
At least she hasn't been too upset, just mostly confused.
Vivi simply said
"But I like her! She's so cute! I miss her!"
Vivi often helps me feed the pets and she fed Tomick (goldfish) this morning and she didn't mention Cinderella at all so it might be easier for a three year old to accept.

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