Monday, April 30, 2012

Getting dirty...maybe.

Today was a bit chilly, but after the cold and rain we had this felt great!
I brought out a little car set that we had so the girls could play outside with them.
This was girly playing outside though.
We had to tie up hair so it wouldn't touch the dirt. Vivian needed a stool to sit on and Shi knelt on some newspapers.
Vivi also needed a wet papertowel to keep wiping her hands on. ;-)
While they played, I hung up my hummingbird feeders.
I'm putting up two this year!
I also took pictures of my lilac bush just starting to bloom.
The blueberry bushes are all starting to flower as well. :)
I also sipped on my "Birthday" latte from Dunkin Donuts.
They sent me a coupon (late) and it was going to expire today so I decided it would be a nice highlight to my day. :)
A little video I took of the girls playing with their cars.
Shiloh isn't afraid to get her hands dirty, but Vivian... ;-)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dress Barrette Holder

I've been wanting to make some barrette holders for the girls; that way they could see all their barrettes and have an easier time choosing which ones they want to wear each day.
They have a lot of barrettes...a lot.
Right now they are jumbled up in a Caboodle (remember those?) and it's a mess of bobby pins and hair elastics...scrunchies, clips, and barrettes!
I told DH what I wanted to do and he put the hooks up for me right then and there!

So I've been staring a these bare hooks every day while I finished up my other project (sweater) and then tried to decide what type of holder I wanted to make.

After browsing online for awhile I decide that the ones that look like a Dress were really pretty and I thought that I could do it! :)

I sketched out a couple of bodices on some cardboard that I had on hand.
(*note: thicker cardboard would be better, then I could have done more stapling)

I picked out some pretty fabric scraps and ironed those, and a bunch of ribbons too.
Purple for Miss Vivian, Pink for Miss Shiloh. :)

Then glued the fabric down and stapled strips of ribbon to the bottom, four strips of wide ribbon and two strips of a thinner sparkly ribbon.
I also stapled a ribbon to the top for hanging.
(*note: when stapling the top ribbon, it's best to staple it twice or the ribbon might come out once the holder is weighed down with a million barrettes. That could happen....and might have happened.)

The back of one and front of the other...before decorating.
Originally I was going to put material behind the ribbons to make it look more like a dress, but I realized that was just going to add useless weight and more work to my project so I just added more ribbons instead.

The finished barrette holders!!!

Covered with barrettes.
As you can see, I wasn't kidding when I said the girls have a lot of barrettes. :)
The thin strips of glittery ribbon don't show up well in the photos but they are perfect for holding tiny baby barrettes.
I'm really happy with this project!
They look so pretty hanging on the wall and the girls just love them.
It's so easy to see all their barrettes now and the pairs are all together nicely; I was spending so much of each morning searching for matching barrettes!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Feels like a Monday

Today started out very early.
Vivian crying.
I went into the girls' room and she asks me "Why is my bed wet? Why are my clothes wet?"
She was mystified.

This is incredibly rare as she's been long potty-trained, but she has also been recovering from a cold and the very last time she wet the bed it was during an illness too so I think there is some connection there.
I grabbed fresh clothes, washed and dressed her....all the while trying to think of what to do about the bed since Shiloh was still asleep.
When we went back to the room though, Shi had woken up so I was able to strip the bed.
Very happy that I kept my crib protectors and used them over the mattress pad.
VERY happy. :)
Wet crib protector and dry mattress pad meant a lot less emergency laundry.
Then unfortunately I woke up DH while getting fresh sheets, since they are stored in our bedroom.
So the whole family was up bleary eyed and droopy-tailed.

We tried to get some more sleep until a more decent hour but that didn't work so well, and the girls were wide-awake (read noisy!).
What a morning to decide to switch to decaf, right?

Then I started working on the two loads of laundry to be done.
I put the first load outside to dry, hopefully quickly while I started washing the second.
I was in the bathroom helping Vivian, when I realize the toilet is clogged and I'll have to go get the plunger.
Then DH yells that it's raining.
We rush to bring in the laundry and find that it's not raining, it's this snowing/sleeting/hailing stuff and the laundry is covered with snow.

So anyways that's my Monday, on Fried Monday.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

My sweater!

Shiloh was wearing my sun hat keep the sun off her and the bees away. :)
Both girls were busy digging in the dry patch left by their pool.

I finally finished knitting my sweater tonight!!
I got the pattern online.
I'm really happy with it, and especially thrilled that I was able to finish it while it's still cold enough to wear it!
 And Vivian loves it because it's in her favorite color, purple! :)
In fact, Vivian snuck herself into nearly every picture I took of the sweater. lol

Such a camera hog! :)


We have bees everywhere!
Well, wasps, honeybees, bumblebees, and a varieties of other flying insects to be more specific.
But really a lot of big territorial Bumblebees!
Vivian has been particularly nervous about them this year. She hasn't even wanted to go outside much at all.
The bees are all looking for places to make their hives and fighting with each other for territory...and a big bumblebee buzzing by your head is unnerving to even an adult.

Shiloh has taken to wearing her bicycle helmet around the yard to keep the bugs away, at least until she gets too sweaty! :)
I had to keep swatting at a big bumblebee with my broom today.
He decided to claim my laundry as his territory, and he was quite determined!

Vivi was out in the middle of the yard this afternoon when a bee buzzed by her.
She screamed, froze, and started crying.
I went and got her and explained how bees are good because they make honey...and Miss Vivi loves honey.
She said "dis is a lotta bees! are they gonna cover the whole city with honey?"

She was holding a dandelion and we saw a honeybee busy on another dandelion so we were talking about how he would use the pollen to make honey.
Vivi held out her dandelion "i gonna hold dis flower for the bee and he can make honey. We should catch all the bees so we can have lots of honey."
"Do you really want the bee to land on a your hand?"
Vivi dropped the flower on the other side of the deck. "i gonna put da flower over there for the bee."

Then we came inside and watched "Bee Movie" ,after which the girls wanted some honey. :)
Hopefully we've at least calmed some fears for the day.
But if the bees keep up like they've been, it might be short-lived!

Friday, April 20, 2012

First Filling

Yesterday, Vivian had a dental cleaning.
She goes to a Pediatric Dentist and it's a good hour away. But they are excellent with kids so it has been worth the drive.
The hygienist was talking to Vivi and asking her if she had any pets.
Vivi nodded.
"Do you have any doggies?"
Vivi shook her head, no. (she was a bit too nervous to talk much).
"Do you have any kitty cats?"
Vivi nodded...(what? we don't have a cat...)
"Ooh, what's your kitty cat named?"
Vivian "Shiloh".
Me: "That's your Sister!!"
The hygienist laughed so hard.
I explained that Shi often pretends to be a kitty cat though. :)

Her one molar is a bit stained, and we've known for awhile that it was going to eventually turn into a cavity.
It still was not a cavity yet. (yay!)
But they said it would be better to fill it now before it turned into a cavity.
They asked about giving her laughing gas because she needed to stay still and calm, but I opted against it (she's so young!) and she did awesome.
I had to ask them to give her a new toothbrush because they forgot and Vivi kept asking me. ;-)
They let us both sit on the chair, Vivi draping her legs across mine and I held her hands and watched her face so I could tell them right away if anything bothered her.
She totally charmed the dentist and hygienist, and they loaded her up with stickers and even a sugar-free lollipop.
Proud Mommy here!

We took a walk later that afternoon around the neighborhood and while we were walking, Shiloh pulled my hand to whisper in my ear.

"Is everyone going to think I'm poor?"
"What? Why would anyone think you are poor?"
"Because of my nose, everyone is going to think I'm poor."
(A few days ago she crashed off her rocking chair, and got an abrasion/rug burn on her nose...she's a bit self-conscious about it when she sees her reflection.)
"You mean, because we said Poor Shiloh, when you hurt your nose?"
"Yes, now everyone is going to think I'm poor."
"Um, no's been a few days and it doesn't look that bad."
"So what are they going to think?"
"Hmm...they'll probably just think you hurt your nose but it's getting all better."
"Oh, okay."

Funny kid. :)

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Clay modeling

Today's craft for the girls was clay.
Well it was supposed to be done by the girls but they kept pushing the clay into my hands and telling me what they wanted me to make!
Vivian wanted two cats, two gnomes with blue faces (hmm...gnome/smurf hybrids?), and two frogs.
She poked the eyes and noses with a toothpick and had me draw on a smile...or whiskers as needed.
They are drying now.
I hope.
So far they are still quite tacky and there were no instructions.
Shiloh played with the clay for a bit but she wasn't happy with any of her creations.
Her hot hands were making the clay a bit too soft to work with well too.
So she enlisted me to make her cat army...
They were just so tempting to play with though.
I had to put a few of them back together before I put them out of reach.
Hopefully they will dry quickly so she can play with them. :)

I ordered the girls schoolbooks this week.
They are both quite excited. :)
Vivian only needed a couple of Kindergarten workbooks.
I have plenty of other curriculum left over from Shiloh.
I'm not sure when I will start the workbooks with Vivi though, it might be awhile.
I want her to be ready and not having to be helped through every page.
She's doing a mixture of Pre-K and some K work now but I'm not pushing her too much.
I'm having her read some three-letter words each day because I can see it's clicking with her and while she playing she just sounds out random words without even thinking really.
Sometimes she'll sound out something like "pig" and then ask Shiloh how to spell it. :)

It might be that she'll learn similar to Shiloh.
 I remember Shiloh doing the same thing, working out words even while playing.
Even when I am reading to Shiloh, sometimes she'll stop me and ask to see the words on the page so she can understand it better.
Right now Vivi wants a description/explanation for every single word that she reads.
"Bat, what is that?"
Then I explain both that it can be a baseball bat or a bat like the Count has.
Then we have to look up a bat on Google.
I love that part of Homeschooling though.
A simple reading lesson can lead into a lesson on bats. ;-)
Then she asked me "Bell, what is that?"
I explained and she said "Well, Belle is a Princess."
Oh, yes...that too! lol

I am doing mostly Abeka again this year. gain some points with my Singaporean husband (haha!), I am also getting Singapore Math for Shiloh.
Singapore Math is supposed to be hard... but they have "Americanized" it.
They have a different system for grades, but when I looked at what was supposed to be their 2nd grade work it really wasn't different than what Shi has already done for 1st grade.
Sooooo....I went with the next grade up.
I also bought Abeka Math for 2nd grade which will be her main Math work and I'm hoping the Singapore Math will be a nice supplement to her Abeka.
They teach math in a different way than Math is traditionally taught here so I'm curious to see it!

I'm getting impatient for the books now. :)

Friday, April 06, 2012

Easter prep

Busy getting ready for Easter around here!
The girls have been busy crafting.
Shiloh painted some Easter egg pictures, and both girls painted a little flowerpot for one of their
I also found little hand-print chicks for them to make.
So cute and the girls played for a long time with the chicks and a bowl of plastic Easter eggs that the chicks had "hatched". :)

We made a trip to Target and I found the cutest little gnome figurine.
He's holding a tiny little frog and was just irresistible!
They have a few different ones and it's so tempting to go buy the rest!
Wal-Mart has their own version also...but not as cute, in my opinion.

We also stopped at Petsmart, just to browse.
The girls like seeing the cats up for adoption and watching the dogs being groomed. :)
They did have a boy Robo hamster that looked just like Rory...except he was huge!
They are supposed to be young in the store and he was already bigger than she is!
Maybe we just have tiny pets, most fish are bigger than Tomick too.

We started some of our garden seeds inside.
The zucchini and Acorn squash are from seeds that I dried last year and seem to be duds.
But we have spinach, tomatoes, and two varieties of corn coming up already.
I'm still waiting to see if the peas and green beans will be doing anything or not.
Mini Lalaloopsys are everywhere around here.
They are so cute though that I don't mind. I just snag them to set on my windowsill. ;-)
The other day, Shiloh set up "Alice" on their school books to watch them while they were working.
It was just too cute so I had to snap a pic.