Saturday, April 21, 2012


We have bees everywhere!
Well, wasps, honeybees, bumblebees, and a varieties of other flying insects to be more specific.
But really a lot of big territorial Bumblebees!
Vivian has been particularly nervous about them this year. She hasn't even wanted to go outside much at all.
The bees are all looking for places to make their hives and fighting with each other for territory...and a big bumblebee buzzing by your head is unnerving to even an adult.

Shiloh has taken to wearing her bicycle helmet around the yard to keep the bugs away, at least until she gets too sweaty! :)
I had to keep swatting at a big bumblebee with my broom today.
He decided to claim my laundry as his territory, and he was quite determined!

Vivi was out in the middle of the yard this afternoon when a bee buzzed by her.
She screamed, froze, and started crying.
I went and got her and explained how bees are good because they make honey...and Miss Vivi loves honey.
She said "dis is a lotta bees! are they gonna cover the whole city with honey?"

She was holding a dandelion and we saw a honeybee busy on another dandelion so we were talking about how he would use the pollen to make honey.
Vivi held out her dandelion "i gonna hold dis flower for the bee and he can make honey. We should catch all the bees so we can have lots of honey."
"Do you really want the bee to land on a your hand?"
Vivi dropped the flower on the other side of the deck. "i gonna put da flower over there for the bee."

Then we came inside and watched "Bee Movie" ,after which the girls wanted some honey. :)
Hopefully we've at least calmed some fears for the day.
But if the bees keep up like they've been, it might be short-lived!

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