Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Clay modeling

Today's craft for the girls was clay.
Well it was supposed to be done by the girls but they kept pushing the clay into my hands and telling me what they wanted me to make!
Vivian wanted two cats, two gnomes with blue faces (hmm...gnome/smurf hybrids?), and two frogs.
She poked the eyes and noses with a toothpick and had me draw on a smile...or whiskers as needed.
They are drying now.
I hope.
So far they are still quite tacky and there were no instructions.
Shiloh played with the clay for a bit but she wasn't happy with any of her creations.
Her hot hands were making the clay a bit too soft to work with well too.
So she enlisted me to make her cat army...
They were just so tempting to play with though.
I had to put a few of them back together before I put them out of reach.
Hopefully they will dry quickly so she can play with them. :)

I ordered the girls schoolbooks this week.
They are both quite excited. :)
Vivian only needed a couple of Kindergarten workbooks.
I have plenty of other curriculum left over from Shiloh.
I'm not sure when I will start the workbooks with Vivi though, it might be awhile.
I want her to be ready and not having to be helped through every page.
She's doing a mixture of Pre-K and some K work now but I'm not pushing her too much.
I'm having her read some three-letter words each day because I can see it's clicking with her and while she playing she just sounds out random words without even thinking really.
Sometimes she'll sound out something like "pig" and then ask Shiloh how to spell it. :)

It might be that she'll learn similar to Shiloh.
 I remember Shiloh doing the same thing, working out words even while playing.
Even when I am reading to Shiloh, sometimes she'll stop me and ask to see the words on the page so she can understand it better.
Right now Vivi wants a description/explanation for every single word that she reads.
"Bat, what is that?"
Then I explain both that it can be a baseball bat or a bat like the Count has.
Then we have to look up a bat on Google.
I love that part of Homeschooling though.
A simple reading lesson can lead into a lesson on bats. ;-)
Then she asked me "Bell, what is that?"
I explained and she said "Well, Belle is a Princess."
Oh, yes...that too! lol

I am doing mostly Abeka again this year. gain some points with my Singaporean husband (haha!), I am also getting Singapore Math for Shiloh.
Singapore Math is supposed to be hard... but they have "Americanized" it.
They have a different system for grades, but when I looked at what was supposed to be their 2nd grade work it really wasn't different than what Shi has already done for 1st grade.
Sooooo....I went with the next grade up.
I also bought Abeka Math for 2nd grade which will be her main Math work and I'm hoping the Singapore Math will be a nice supplement to her Abeka.
They teach math in a different way than Math is traditionally taught here so I'm curious to see it!

I'm getting impatient for the books now. :)

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