Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dress Barrette Holder

I've been wanting to make some barrette holders for the girls; that way they could see all their barrettes and have an easier time choosing which ones they want to wear each day.
They have a lot of barrettes...a lot.
Right now they are jumbled up in a Caboodle (remember those?) and it's a mess of bobby pins and hair elastics...scrunchies, clips, and barrettes!
I told DH what I wanted to do and he put the hooks up for me right then and there!

So I've been staring a these bare hooks every day while I finished up my other project (sweater) and then tried to decide what type of holder I wanted to make.

After browsing online for awhile I decide that the ones that look like a Dress were really pretty and I thought that I could do it! :)

I sketched out a couple of bodices on some cardboard that I had on hand.
(*note: thicker cardboard would be better, then I could have done more stapling)

I picked out some pretty fabric scraps and ironed those, and a bunch of ribbons too.
Purple for Miss Vivian, Pink for Miss Shiloh. :)

Then glued the fabric down and stapled strips of ribbon to the bottom, four strips of wide ribbon and two strips of a thinner sparkly ribbon.
I also stapled a ribbon to the top for hanging.
(*note: when stapling the top ribbon, it's best to staple it twice or the ribbon might come out once the holder is weighed down with a million barrettes. That could happen....and might have happened.)

The back of one and front of the other...before decorating.
Originally I was going to put material behind the ribbons to make it look more like a dress, but I realized that was just going to add useless weight and more work to my project so I just added more ribbons instead.

The finished barrette holders!!!

Covered with barrettes.
As you can see, I wasn't kidding when I said the girls have a lot of barrettes. :)
The thin strips of glittery ribbon don't show up well in the photos but they are perfect for holding tiny baby barrettes.
I'm really happy with this project!
They look so pretty hanging on the wall and the girls just love them.
It's so easy to see all their barrettes now and the pairs are all together nicely; I was spending so much of each morning searching for matching barrettes!

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