Friday, April 06, 2012

Easter prep

Busy getting ready for Easter around here!
The girls have been busy crafting.
Shiloh painted some Easter egg pictures, and both girls painted a little flowerpot for one of their
I also found little hand-print chicks for them to make.
So cute and the girls played for a long time with the chicks and a bowl of plastic Easter eggs that the chicks had "hatched". :)

We made a trip to Target and I found the cutest little gnome figurine.
He's holding a tiny little frog and was just irresistible!
They have a few different ones and it's so tempting to go buy the rest!
Wal-Mart has their own version also...but not as cute, in my opinion.

We also stopped at Petsmart, just to browse.
The girls like seeing the cats up for adoption and watching the dogs being groomed. :)
They did have a boy Robo hamster that looked just like Rory...except he was huge!
They are supposed to be young in the store and he was already bigger than she is!
Maybe we just have tiny pets, most fish are bigger than Tomick too.

We started some of our garden seeds inside.
The zucchini and Acorn squash are from seeds that I dried last year and seem to be duds.
But we have spinach, tomatoes, and two varieties of corn coming up already.
I'm still waiting to see if the peas and green beans will be doing anything or not.
Mini Lalaloopsys are everywhere around here.
They are so cute though that I don't mind. I just snag them to set on my windowsill. ;-)
The other day, Shiloh set up "Alice" on their school books to watch them while they were working.
It was just too cute so I had to snap a pic.

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