Friday, April 27, 2012

Feels like a Monday

Today started out very early.
Vivian crying.
I went into the girls' room and she asks me "Why is my bed wet? Why are my clothes wet?"
She was mystified.

This is incredibly rare as she's been long potty-trained, but she has also been recovering from a cold and the very last time she wet the bed it was during an illness too so I think there is some connection there.
I grabbed fresh clothes, washed and dressed her....all the while trying to think of what to do about the bed since Shiloh was still asleep.
When we went back to the room though, Shi had woken up so I was able to strip the bed.
Very happy that I kept my crib protectors and used them over the mattress pad.
VERY happy. :)
Wet crib protector and dry mattress pad meant a lot less emergency laundry.
Then unfortunately I woke up DH while getting fresh sheets, since they are stored in our bedroom.
So the whole family was up bleary eyed and droopy-tailed.

We tried to get some more sleep until a more decent hour but that didn't work so well, and the girls were wide-awake (read noisy!).
What a morning to decide to switch to decaf, right?

Then I started working on the two loads of laundry to be done.
I put the first load outside to dry, hopefully quickly while I started washing the second.
I was in the bathroom helping Vivian, when I realize the toilet is clogged and I'll have to go get the plunger.
Then DH yells that it's raining.
We rush to bring in the laundry and find that it's not raining, it's this snowing/sleeting/hailing stuff and the laundry is covered with snow.

So anyways that's my Monday, on Fried Monday.

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