Friday, April 20, 2012

First Filling

Yesterday, Vivian had a dental cleaning.
She goes to a Pediatric Dentist and it's a good hour away. But they are excellent with kids so it has been worth the drive.
The hygienist was talking to Vivi and asking her if she had any pets.
Vivi nodded.
"Do you have any doggies?"
Vivi shook her head, no. (she was a bit too nervous to talk much).
"Do you have any kitty cats?"
Vivi nodded...(what? we don't have a cat...)
"Ooh, what's your kitty cat named?"
Vivian "Shiloh".
Me: "That's your Sister!!"
The hygienist laughed so hard.
I explained that Shi often pretends to be a kitty cat though. :)

Her one molar is a bit stained, and we've known for awhile that it was going to eventually turn into a cavity.
It still was not a cavity yet. (yay!)
But they said it would be better to fill it now before it turned into a cavity.
They asked about giving her laughing gas because she needed to stay still and calm, but I opted against it (she's so young!) and she did awesome.
I had to ask them to give her a new toothbrush because they forgot and Vivi kept asking me. ;-)
They let us both sit on the chair, Vivi draping her legs across mine and I held her hands and watched her face so I could tell them right away if anything bothered her.
She totally charmed the dentist and hygienist, and they loaded her up with stickers and even a sugar-free lollipop.
Proud Mommy here!

We took a walk later that afternoon around the neighborhood and while we were walking, Shiloh pulled my hand to whisper in my ear.

"Is everyone going to think I'm poor?"
"What? Why would anyone think you are poor?"
"Because of my nose, everyone is going to think I'm poor."
(A few days ago she crashed off her rocking chair, and got an abrasion/rug burn on her nose...she's a bit self-conscious about it when she sees her reflection.)
"You mean, because we said Poor Shiloh, when you hurt your nose?"
"Yes, now everyone is going to think I'm poor."
"Um, no's been a few days and it doesn't look that bad."
"So what are they going to think?"
"Hmm...they'll probably just think you hurt your nose but it's getting all better."
"Oh, okay."

Funny kid. :)

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