Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dress #2

I finished Shiloh's dress early this morning.
The pattern says that a dress takes about three hours to make.
Unless your kids are in daycare or take three hour naps and you have no Internet connection and don't require many, many cookie breaks...I'm not sure how this can get done in three hours.
Could also be the bit of first-child perfectionist in me too.
Re-pleating and Re-pleating until I'm satisfied and unraveling and redoing the flowers many times probably soaked up three hours by themselves. ;-)

But I digress, what I meant to say was...Ta Da!!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Dress #1

Happy Memorial Day!
I hope everyone gets to enjoy and appreciate this day. :)

It's been a bit of a heat wave here, so we've been enjoying some Summer S'mores!
Well, in our case...S'mores brownies. yum!
And fresh fruits and berries!
This has been Vivian's snack for the past few days.
The girls gobble our fruit down so fast that I'm lucky to get a stray grape now and then!
We went shopping the other day.
I had started a project and wasn't sure if I had enough material, so I picked up some more...and some more...and some more.
Love the clearance rack at Wal-mart! :)

I did finish my first dress project today.
This is for Vivian (she insisted on three...not one, not two, but THREE flowers for the front).
I wasn't sure how I would like the combo of knitted and cloth but I think it came out well.
I made it entirely of scrap material and yarn that I already had on hand.
A lot of hand-sewing too because it looked much better that way.
I would probably have made the skirt a little longer...but that was the amount of fabric I had left and I really wanted to use that since I still wasn't sure how the finished dress would look.

Ta da!
Vivian loves it! :)
I really like it too.

I've started to work on Shiloh's dress now which will also be made of left-over materials and yarn.
I actually unraveled a top to get the yarn for her dress. Shiloh helped me with that and enjoyed it so much that it's all I can do to keep her from grabbing our sweaters from the closet and unraveling those too. lol

Plus, I still have the fabrics that I bought the other day too so I'm going to be busy making dresses for awhile. :)
I love having a project going.

knitting is so much easier to keep going as a running project versus sewing.
With knitting, I can just toss my needles and yarn in a bag and tote it wherever and keep it all neat and tidy.
With sewing I have a sewing machine taking up my counter space, an ironing board against the wall, and stray pieces of thread filtering everywhere.
I can see why people have sewing rooms, you really need them!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mittens in May

 I finished making mittens for the girls.
They chose the colors themselves. I made a longer cuff than the pattern called for, I always hated getting snow on my wrists and arms when I was playing as a kid, so I thought these would tuck in a little better.
I also made them very tightly knit for warmth and dryness.
Vivi's (purple) are made using two strands of yarn.

Completing those means I am in-between projects at the moment.
I felt a little lost...what to do next?
So I mopped the floors and cleaned my house...
Redecorated my house with flowers...
Drew with chalk and blew bubbles until I got light-headed and also planned out breakfast for tomorrow.

Then I noticed that my miniature rose was getting tall and starting to flop over.
It needed a trellis.
I've actually seen some cute mini ones in the stores but I didn't feel like driving anywhere so I thought I'd make my own.
There has GOT to be something around this house that could be used for a trellis, right?
I felt like the MacGyver of crafting. ;-)

Haha! We have an abundance of popsicle sticks and some Elmer's glue.
Ta da!
I could paint it up and make it look pretty...but I'm not feeling it right now.
I'm feeling hungry instead. what can I make with ketchup and bananas?

Sunday, May 20, 2012


We planted our garden this week.
We started the veggies indoors a few weeks ago and several things were already growing out of their containers.
The spinach already is not liking the transition to outside, so I might try growing some more indoors instead.
Each year our garden grows a little bigger!
Probably because even as I was planting this garden, I was planning out next years....Heirloom tomatoes anyone? ;-)
The girls are really into gardening this year.
I need to get some little planting stakes so I can write down what is planted in each row.
I drew a little map for my reference, in case I forget what is planted where, but Shiloh wants it written right in the garden so she can tell as well.

When we got the garden put in, DH decided that we needed some stepping stones to make it easier to go up and down the rows.
So the girls and I ran to Lowe's and picked up the stones.
Heavy stones!
We were looking at some edging stones as well but there was something churring loudly at us over there.
I'm pretty sure it was raccoons.
I decided to walk away from there...quickly!!!

I wanted to put up a bird bath too.
We looked a few in the stores but nothing was really standing out to me and they were rather pricey and/or extremely heavy.
So I went with a simple alternative instead.

I've already had to refill the water but I really don't think any birds have discovered it's just been so hot that the water evaporated.
I also needed to buy a bag of manure for the garden.
I went to pick up the bag from the pallet at the store and Shiloh said "Careful Mom! This bag smells like poop!!"
"Um, well it is poop, Dear. Manure is cow poop."
"Eww! You're buying poop?!"
Yep, never thought I'd be buying poo but at least it was really cheap.
Less than $2 for a 40lb bag at Walmart. :)
When we were driving home from shopping, my cell phone started ringing.
I said "Ugh, I can't talk to Dada because I'm driving."
Shiloh replied "Give me the phone and I'll talk to him!"
So I handed her the phone...forgetting that it's rather hard to get her to stop talking or for Dada to get a word in edgewise. lol
"Hi Dada, this is Shiloh. Mama is driving so I am talking to you. We went to Lowe's and Walmart and Target and now we are coming home. We wanted Mama to get us some candy because our sour worms are almost out and Vivi and I like to have candy when we do our schoolwork, but Mama didn't buy any. Vivi needs to take a nap, she didn't get to take a nap because we were shopping. When do you have a day off? Is it tomorrow or is it in two days? or is it in three days? What day is it today, Mama? Hey!! Dada's not there anymore!"
Poor Dada, he probably said "bye" about three times.
He told me later that he had a customer come in and he had to hang up...Shiloh probably chattered on for quite awhile after. ;-)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

First visit from the Tooth Fairy

 Shiloh lost her very first tooth last night!

She brushed her teeth at bedtime, handed me her toothbrush so I could finish up brushing and I saw the tooth was gone!
I said "Oh Shiloh! You lost your tooth!"
She was surprised "I did??? Where is it???"

That was the million dollar question.
I swept the whole bathroom and moved everything out of the way and still couldn't find it.
Shiloh kept running to all the mirrors checking out her new smile.
But she was worried because she didn't have her tooth and couldn't find it and she kept looking everywhere instead of sleeping.

I hadn't planned to go the "Tooth Fairy" route but desperate times... So I said "Don't worry about losing the tooth because the Tooth Fairy would have taken it anyways."
Then Shiloh was fine. :)
She said "Oh yeah! I hope the Tooth Fairy brings me a lollipop because that's what I really want!"

So I made a little note from the Tooth Fairy congratulating her on her lost tooth and attached some money and...a lollipop. :)

The Tooth Fairy isn't going to last long though.
Already Shiloh was commenting "This note is pretty heavy for a fairy to carry around!"
Ahh, this kid! :)

We also had some fun taking some "Lost tooth" pictures today.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day...I did! :)
I got to spend the day with my Mom, which is always awesome.

Last night was one of those dreaded Mommy times.
Being up past midnight because Vivian was sobbing hysterically for an hour.
Her belly hurt...she was itchy...her thumb hurt...she was hungry...her leg hurt and would I rub it?
Basically everything was off with her and she was over-tired and miserable!

This morning though... :)
Cute little presents from the girls that they wrapped and decorated.
And inside the packages...adorable little coffee candles. :)
Do they know me or what?
I let them both pick an item from the store.
Vivian chose hers the moment we walked in, Shiloh took a couple of careful laps around the store looking at everything, before she chose the same thing as Vivi. ;-)
My Mother's day card from Vivian. She drew a bunch of smiley faces.
My card from Shiloh 
She wanted me to copy questions that I had put on her card to her Grama.
Then she filled in the answers by herself and hid the card in her room so she could surprise me this morning.
She was so upset though that she accidentally wrote "hag" instead of "hug" and she couldn't remember what she meant to write instead of "pa" for the first question. ;-)
When I sat down to breakfast, she ran to the couch and grabbed a pillow and put it behind my back.
Ack, the sweetness! :)
My morning also included beautiful roses from my sweet husband!

Then I visited my parents and splashed myself in hummingbird food...quite tasty!
I ate some cupcakes, took a walk, and saw a bald eagle flying overhead close enough to see its white head and tail! So neat!
My Mom has quite a variety of birds around her house, but that's the first time I've seen an eagle there.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Reading Rocks! :)

Vivian has really started to do well with her reading.
She even points out to me that the last "l" in bell or tell or sell is silent. :)
This is a video of her reading a few words from "A Handbook For Reading" from Abeka yesterday.

Shiloh has been reading for quite awhile now, but she wanted me to take a video of her reading too so this was taken yesterday as well. 
She saw this book in the store the other day and she couldn't put it down.
It's "Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth". It says it's for ages: 7-10.
It's the next stage of books for girls who like the "Fancy Nancy" stories.
It's Shiloh's first book that doesn't have pictures on every page! :)
Exciting, but I wasn't sure she was ready for it.
Would she understand what she was reading and would it keep her interested without any pictures to tie the story together?
So I've been having her read a chapter each day (some chapters are long!) and I help her with the difficult words or giving definitions.
"Mementos" is a word used a lot so far and very hard for Shi to say, usually it comes out "mentos" and her pronunciation of "suite" at the end is just too cute. :)

(In this part of the story the kids brought "Mystery Mementos" to the school and wrote a little paragraph (another big word) about it and the kids were supposed to guess who each memento belonged to.)

She loves the book and I'm really getting into the story too!
I find myself reading ahead or wishing we could add another chapter to our day. :)

So happy that my girls have the reading bug!

Tuesday, May 08, 2012

You get sick and toss your cookies...

(The title comes from an *old* computer game I used to play. Any time you made the character eat something he wasn't supposed to, you got the automatic reply "You get sick and toss your cookies". So of course we tried to make him eat everything! ;-)

One of those dreaded jobs of Mommyhood is cleaning up vomit.

I have been blessed in that my children are not big vomiters.
Vivian famously threw up in a taxi and all over me, then when she was one and had the stomach flu that was pretty awful.
But I had been spared the ordeal of cleaning yuck out of a car seat...until now.

Children's car seat makers need to have a talk with Moms.
Cup and snack holders, I don't need them.
I never use the ones that came with the girls' seats, because space is another issue.
I can't close the door if the cup holder is attached, and half the time the things fall off anyways.
BUT washable straps would be great!

Shiloh was the sick one this time.
I had to have her stand in the bathroom and wait while I brought in her sleeping sister, the car seat, and the floor mat from the truck.
After getting her all cleaned up, and the truck cleaned up, and the floor mat washed...and the bathroom floor and door cleaned as well.
I tackled removing her car seat cover and straps.
That was gross, threading yuck-covered straps through tiny slots, smearing more yuck everywhere!
Fortunately the covers are machine washable, so I was able to toss them in the washer with Shiloh's clothes and sneakers and get everything done at once.
The straps needed to be carefully hand-washed, and I ended up having to scrub at all the clasps and buckles.

Then when I got that all done, I had to clean out our fish tank and give Tomick his sea burial.
He had been acting ill so it wasn't a big surprise. We had him for quite awhile.
Poor Rory, now we keeping waking her up to make sure she's still okay.

Fortunately we didn't need to go anywhere the next day since Shi didn't have a seat or sneakers while we waited for everything to dry.
She was helpfully offering suggestions (She felt fine before and after she got sick).
"I know, Mama. You can carry me to the car and then I can hold onto the seat so I don't fall and then you can carry me in the store!"
The girl has a shopping gene. eek!

When I went to put the cover back on her seat, I found a seam had come undone so I had to repair that first. But after that the seat went back together pretty quickly.
They just don't like to go in and out of the car either, and I scraped my arm up reinstalling it.
I want it super-secure though, and that can make it a pain to get in that tightly.

At least Shiloh enjoyed her shower that she got to clean her up, as versus her usual bath.
She even asked for another shower the next night at bath time. :)
That meant that Vivi got a shower as well.
Vivian did not care for the shower as much, which I knew she wouldn't.
From the time she first transitioned from sponge baths to a baby bathtub, this girl has not enjoyed water.
But at the end of her shower, she shivered and said "But I didn't cry this time, Mama!"

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Growing up is hard to do....

Shiloh bit her fork while eating dinner the other night.
Now her loose tooth is barely hanging on.
She has been wiggling it a lot and even let her fascinated sister take a turn at wiggling the tooth.
Now Vivi keeps checking her teeth too to see if any of them might have suddenly become loose...
Shi is still a bit nervous about the tooth actually falling out though, so I'm hoping that is drama free.

Unlike when I raised (just raised!) the training wheels on her bicycle this week.
She started sobbing before she even tried it out.
"I'm not a big girl! I'm just a little girl!"
I got her calmed down and convinced her to just try riding the bike.
She wobbled...a lot, but she was fine.
She even chased me around the driveway today.
Drama. Drama.

She keeps bringing me her clothes, usually her pajamas, and asking me
"Can you un-inside-out this for me?" ;-)

She was reading "eshausted" yesterday, so I said "It's exhausted."
"Oh, you are so smart, Mommy!!!"
But she doesn't seem believe my pronunciation of "Phoenix" is right, she keeps saying it "Pony-ix".