Monday, May 28, 2012

Dress #1

Happy Memorial Day!
I hope everyone gets to enjoy and appreciate this day. :)

It's been a bit of a heat wave here, so we've been enjoying some Summer S'mores!
Well, in our case...S'mores brownies. yum!
And fresh fruits and berries!
This has been Vivian's snack for the past few days.
The girls gobble our fruit down so fast that I'm lucky to get a stray grape now and then!
We went shopping the other day.
I had started a project and wasn't sure if I had enough material, so I picked up some more...and some more...and some more.
Love the clearance rack at Wal-mart! :)

I did finish my first dress project today.
This is for Vivian (she insisted on three...not one, not two, but THREE flowers for the front).
I wasn't sure how I would like the combo of knitted and cloth but I think it came out well.
I made it entirely of scrap material and yarn that I already had on hand.
A lot of hand-sewing too because it looked much better that way.
I would probably have made the skirt a little longer...but that was the amount of fabric I had left and I really wanted to use that since I still wasn't sure how the finished dress would look.

Ta da!
Vivian loves it! :)
I really like it too.

I've started to work on Shiloh's dress now which will also be made of left-over materials and yarn.
I actually unraveled a top to get the yarn for her dress. Shiloh helped me with that and enjoyed it so much that it's all I can do to keep her from grabbing our sweaters from the closet and unraveling those too. lol

Plus, I still have the fabrics that I bought the other day too so I'm going to be busy making dresses for awhile. :)
I love having a project going.

knitting is so much easier to keep going as a running project versus sewing.
With knitting, I can just toss my needles and yarn in a bag and tote it wherever and keep it all neat and tidy.
With sewing I have a sewing machine taking up my counter space, an ironing board against the wall, and stray pieces of thread filtering everywhere.
I can see why people have sewing rooms, you really need them!

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