Tuesday, May 15, 2012

First visit from the Tooth Fairy

 Shiloh lost her very first tooth last night!

She brushed her teeth at bedtime, handed me her toothbrush so I could finish up brushing and I saw the tooth was gone!
I said "Oh Shiloh! You lost your tooth!"
She was surprised "I did??? Where is it???"

That was the million dollar question.
I swept the whole bathroom and moved everything out of the way and still couldn't find it.
Shiloh kept running to all the mirrors checking out her new smile.
But she was worried because she didn't have her tooth and couldn't find it and she kept looking everywhere instead of sleeping.

I hadn't planned to go the "Tooth Fairy" route but desperate times... So I said "Don't worry about losing the tooth because the Tooth Fairy would have taken it anyways."
Then Shiloh was fine. :)
She said "Oh yeah! I hope the Tooth Fairy brings me a lollipop because that's what I really want!"

So I made a little note from the Tooth Fairy congratulating her on her lost tooth and attached some money and...a lollipop. :)

The Tooth Fairy isn't going to last long though.
Already Shiloh was commenting "This note is pretty heavy for a fairy to carry around!"
Ahh, this kid! :)

We also had some fun taking some "Lost tooth" pictures today.

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