Sunday, May 20, 2012


We planted our garden this week.
We started the veggies indoors a few weeks ago and several things were already growing out of their containers.
The spinach already is not liking the transition to outside, so I might try growing some more indoors instead.
Each year our garden grows a little bigger!
Probably because even as I was planting this garden, I was planning out next years....Heirloom tomatoes anyone? ;-)
The girls are really into gardening this year.
I need to get some little planting stakes so I can write down what is planted in each row.
I drew a little map for my reference, in case I forget what is planted where, but Shiloh wants it written right in the garden so she can tell as well.

When we got the garden put in, DH decided that we needed some stepping stones to make it easier to go up and down the rows.
So the girls and I ran to Lowe's and picked up the stones.
Heavy stones!
We were looking at some edging stones as well but there was something churring loudly at us over there.
I'm pretty sure it was raccoons.
I decided to walk away from there...quickly!!!

I wanted to put up a bird bath too.
We looked a few in the stores but nothing was really standing out to me and they were rather pricey and/or extremely heavy.
So I went with a simple alternative instead.

I've already had to refill the water but I really don't think any birds have discovered it's just been so hot that the water evaporated.
I also needed to buy a bag of manure for the garden.
I went to pick up the bag from the pallet at the store and Shiloh said "Careful Mom! This bag smells like poop!!"
"Um, well it is poop, Dear. Manure is cow poop."
"Eww! You're buying poop?!"
Yep, never thought I'd be buying poo but at least it was really cheap.
Less than $2 for a 40lb bag at Walmart. :)
When we were driving home from shopping, my cell phone started ringing.
I said "Ugh, I can't talk to Dada because I'm driving."
Shiloh replied "Give me the phone and I'll talk to him!"
So I handed her the phone...forgetting that it's rather hard to get her to stop talking or for Dada to get a word in edgewise. lol
"Hi Dada, this is Shiloh. Mama is driving so I am talking to you. We went to Lowe's and Walmart and Target and now we are coming home. We wanted Mama to get us some candy because our sour worms are almost out and Vivi and I like to have candy when we do our schoolwork, but Mama didn't buy any. Vivi needs to take a nap, she didn't get to take a nap because we were shopping. When do you have a day off? Is it tomorrow or is it in two days? or is it in three days? What day is it today, Mama? Hey!! Dada's not there anymore!"
Poor Dada, he probably said "bye" about three times.
He told me later that he had a customer come in and he had to hang up...Shiloh probably chattered on for quite awhile after. ;-)

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