Saturday, May 05, 2012

Growing up is hard to do....

Shiloh bit her fork while eating dinner the other night.
Now her loose tooth is barely hanging on.
She has been wiggling it a lot and even let her fascinated sister take a turn at wiggling the tooth.
Now Vivi keeps checking her teeth too to see if any of them might have suddenly become loose...
Shi is still a bit nervous about the tooth actually falling out though, so I'm hoping that is drama free.

Unlike when I raised (just raised!) the training wheels on her bicycle this week.
She started sobbing before she even tried it out.
"I'm not a big girl! I'm just a little girl!"
I got her calmed down and convinced her to just try riding the bike.
She wobbled...a lot, but she was fine.
She even chased me around the driveway today.
Drama. Drama.

She keeps bringing me her clothes, usually her pajamas, and asking me
"Can you un-inside-out this for me?" ;-)

She was reading "eshausted" yesterday, so I said "It's exhausted."
"Oh, you are so smart, Mommy!!!"
But she doesn't seem believe my pronunciation of "Phoenix" is right, she keeps saying it "Pony-ix".


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